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The Magical Qualities Of Trees

magick-treeTaking a walk through nature is not only refreshing and energizing, it can also be a magickal and healing experience when you walk among the trees. In the early years of mankind, trees were regarded as special beings, no doubt because of their size and majesty.

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In India, most local shrines are constructed under trees. Native American and European Shamans believe that trees possess curative powers. Different trees are said to have particular magickal and medicinal properties. Here you will find a list of trees and the healing qualities that they are said to possess, along with a few uses for them in tree magick.

Acacia: Symbolizes purity, air, and used in initiations, psychic workings, and protection. Also viewed as a Mother tree, the gum from it symbolizing menstrual blood. Tree of the Egyptian goddess Neith, Osiris, Astarte, Ishtar, and Diana.
Alder: Sacred to the god Bran. Represents resurrection, rebirth, and fire.
Almond: divination, clairvoyance, wisdom, money, loans, business.
Apple: healing, prosperity, love, peace, happiness and perpetual youth. Represents water. Associated with Venus, Hercules, Diana, Apollo, Hera, Athena.
Apricot: love
Ash: Represents water,the Universal Mother and the source for unborn souls. Traditional Yule log. Used in healing, protection and sea magic. Associated with Poseidon, Neptune, Woden, Thor, and Mars.
Aspen: Used for phyllomancy (divination by leaf rustling) and for protection.

Birch: Sacred to Cerridwen and represents new beginnings and births. Used forprotection, fertility, purifications and blessings.
Cedar: Used for purification, prosperity, and longevity. Represents earth, spirituality and self control.
Coconut: purity, chastity, healing
Cypress: Used for Maypoles, easing losses, healing, past life workings, and protection. Represents earth.
Elder: A witch tree and often used to make wands. Used for healing, love, protection, and prosperity. Sacred to the goddess Hel. Represents air. Associated with Venus.
Elm: Represents primordial female powers. Used for protection.
Eucalyptus: healing

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Fig: fertility, strength, energy, health
Fir: Symbolizes youth and vitality. Used in prosperity magic.
Hawthorn: Called the May tree. Represents water and the White Goddess Maia. Used for female sexuality, cleansing, marriage, love and protection.
Hazel: Sacred to witches and the Celtic sea god Manannan. Often used to make all-purpose wands and used in fertility, divination, marriage, protection, and reconciliation. Symbolizes female wisdom and air. Associated with Artemis and Diana.
Holly: Represents fire. Used for protection.
Juniper: protection

Lemon: divination, healing, chastity, neutrality
Linden: Used for prophesies and protection.
Maple: Used for love and divination.?Oak: Used for healing, strength, protection, masculinity and for fertility magic. Represents fire. Associated with Dagda, Dianus, Jupiter, Zeus, Cybele, Rhea, Janus, Cernunnos, and Herne.
Mulberry: knowledge, divination, wisdom, the will
Oak: healing, strength, money, longevity
Olive: peace, fruitfulness, security, money, marriage, fidelity
Orange: love, marriage

Palm: Metaphor for Osiris’s penis. Used for male fertility, strength, and virility.
Pine: Symbolizes immortality and represents earth. Pine cones represent fertility. Used for purification, health, fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Associated with Pan, Attis, Venus, and Cybele.
Rowan: Used for protection, healing, and strength. Represents fire.
Willow: Represents water. Used in moon, wishing magic, healing, protection, enchantments, and easy delivery of babies. Associated with Artemis, Persephone, Hecate, Ceres, Hera, and Circe.


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