The Magical Power of Herbs: Attract Love, Protection and Healing with Herbs

Many familiar kitchen herbs harbor magical properties, and some more exotic plants are potent magical tools. These simple magical techniques enable you to use plants to enhance spell casting and to create the atmosphere of your choice.

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How to Perform Herbal Magic

To cast a simple spell speak your desired outcome clearly and in the present tense. At the same time, use one of these magical tools to enhance the potency of your spell.


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Tie a heap of the dried herb in a cloth, carry with you at all times, and release the contents when your wishes have been manifested.


Burn a small amount of your dried, crushed herbs on a charcoal disk in a specially designed incense burner.


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Scatter the finely ground plant to the wind while casting your spell.

Honorable Thoughts and Honest Intentions

There are many ways to channel the magical properties of plants, but a peaceful and harmonious state of mind is paramount, regardless of your chosen method.

While casting your spell transmit loving and respectful thoughts towards the plant, and afterwards do not fail to express your gratitude.

As with all Wiccan practice, to attain your wishes your intentions must be honorable. Do not seek to override the known wishes of another in your spell casting.

Seven Herbs for Magick

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Bay wards of negative influences and has potent healing properties. Use in a protection charm during difficult periods.

Cinnamon promotes a positive, loving environment in which to manifest your wishes. This power lends a protective quality to any spell cast using cinnamon.

Eucalyptus is a healing and protective herb. Carry a charm of eucalyptus with you to safeguard your health.

Frankincense is spiritually uplifting, and immerses one in the divine realm. Use to invite the support of benevolent spiritual entities as you express your wishes.

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Lavender evokes love, purity and healing. Use in any spell concerning matters of the heart.

Myrrh intensifies female sensuality and love. May be used as an incense to enhance a romantic mood.

Rosemary has long been used to decorate churches for weddings as it evokes true love and fidelity. It is also a powerful herb of protection.

Some herbs suitable for use in herbal magic are toxic. Take care to check that a plant is edible before taking it internally.

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Herbal magic is a gentle art which is compatible with other ritual practices including crystal and candle magic. Many other plants, not listed here, also have magical properties. For further details consult the delightful book Magical Herbalism: The Secret Craft of the Wise by Scott Cunningham.

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