The House That Dripped Blood

In its September 9th, 1987 edition, The Atlanta Journal Constitution carried a bizarre story that became known as The House That Dripped Blood . Atlanta Police had been called just after midnight by a woman claiming that what looked like blood, was coming out of the floor of her home at 1114 Fountain Drive.

The woman who made the call was 77-year-old Minnie Clyde Winston, who, along with her husband, 79-year-old William Winston, had lived in the home for the past 22 years.

When police arrived at the home Minnie told them the full story. She said that she stepped out of the shower just before Midnight and was greeted by the sight of a red substance coming out of the bathroom floor, “Like a sprinkler.”

Police did not witness such an event, but did find a red liquid on the floor and walls in 5 of the homes rooms. The substance turned out to be human blood, type O, the Winston’s were both type A.

The House That Dripped Blood. 1114 Fountain Drive
The House That Dripped Blood. 1114 Fountain Drive

Atlanta Police found no evidence that a crime had occurred in the Winston’s home, they investigated the case as an unusual incident. The source of the blood was never found and the strange phenomena stopped.

Some have suggested that the whole story of the House that dripped Blood was a hoax, perpetrated by one or both of the Winston’s to get the attention of their children.

Still others claim a hoax on the part of 1 or more of the Winston children, in an attempt to have their parents declared incompetent for financial reasons. The case remains unsolved.

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