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The Horrifying Killings of El Chupacabra, a Modern Mystery

On the island of Puerto Rico, a panic has taken over outlying farming communities. Livestock has been found dead at first light. Sheep, cattle, goats, rabbits, hens, ducks, and other animals that have died not of natural causes, but of some kind of attack. Some believe these attacks to be the work of wild dogs or even coyotes. But these killings are very different from the average animal attack in two respects. Animal predators usually kill for food, but forensic evidence in the Puerto Rican killings were puncture wounds along the neck, head, and torso. And the victims are found…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer specializing in extraordinary topics. With a degree in journalism, she delves into the mysteries that lie beyond the surface of our reality.