The Good Teacher: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 1

The Good teacherSecret Societies have existed for thousands of years and each with their own mission. The Women of the Willow Wood have managed to fly under the radar since their initial creation a few hundred years ago and flourish today with the help of a few ancient goddesses who were willing to lend them some powerful ancient magic.

Their mission is to help victims of abuse and those who fall prey to the dangerous and evil cults of the underworld. They have their own network of women with a unique skill set.

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The Sisters have a new recruit and she’s unaware of their intentions. Daniella Reyes is a first year teacher and has landed a job with a principal from Hell—literally along with a few students who need her help. The Sisters have plans for her but she has a few lessons to teach them.

Daniella will be thrust into a world she never knew existed outside of New Mexico. She’s a strong empath and sensitive and a quick learner. She has to be— for her life will depend on it. You never know when a supernatural creature will meet you head on.

Enjoy this action-packed paranormal thriller loaded with ancient goddess magic, urban legends out of New Mexico and a touch of romance.

The Good Teacher is book 1 in the Women of the Willow Wood Trilogy.

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  1. Added to my KU list and will get to it soon. Can’t wait.

  2. Any reviews?

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