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The girl who disappeared in Germany was found in France with a “erased” memory

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A schoolgirl from the German city of Celle left home, was found two weeks later in another country and it turned out that she had lost her memory, reports

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Isabella O, 16, went missing on March 22. In the morning she had online lessons, and by noon, her younger brother noticed that she was not at home. The girl left her keys, wallet and mobile phone at home.

When she did not return home a few hours later, her parents called the police. The police organized a search that lasted two weeks. Service dogs were involved in the search, and they figured out the alleged path of the girl on the day of her disappearance. Her trail was lost near the shopping center.

Two weeks after she was declared missing, the French authorities announced that the girl had been found 800 kilometers from her home, wandering the streets of Paris.

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According to police, Isabella had no physical injuries, but she lost her memory and did not remember who she was and how she ended up in France. Isabella is now undergoing a medical examination, and doctors are treating her. She is not allowed to see her parents until her condition improves.

Police spokesman Brigit Insinger said the case for the missing girl was closed, although they do not yet know how she ended up in France.

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