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The Ghostly Hotel: Time Slip Case From France, 1979

A time slip is an event where a person or a group of people seem to travel through time, either to the past or the future, without any apparent explanation. Some time slips last only a few minutes, while others can last for hours or even days. Some time slips are passive, where the person only observes a different time period, while others are active, where the person interacts with the people and the environment of that time. There is no scientific consensus on what causes time slips or how they work. Some possible theories include: The multiverse theory: This…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer on extraordinary topics. She has a passion for delving into the realms of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and the enigmatic.

Zoe has a degree in journalism and a keen interest in history, mythology and folklore. She believes that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that the truth is often stranger than fiction.