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The Earth was covered by a strong magnetic storm: how to protect health

A magnetic storm covered the planet on April 20. Many people will feel geomagnetic surges on Wednesday – they may feel worse, tired and irritable, exacerbate chronic diseases.

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According to experts, the most dangerous period can be the period from 1 PM to 8 PM. Therefore, everyone should take care of their condition in advance.

Note that a magnetic storm of such strength can have a negative impact on the well-being of weather-dependent and elderly people. Among the most common problems, experts call:

– drowsiness or insomnia
– headaches and dizziness
– heart palpitations
– fatigue
– irritability, depression and mood swings
– muscle and joint pain
– exacerbation of chronic diseases

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Experts also advise those who have health problems, especially hypertension, to be careful on this day.

On April 20, try to avoid strong physical and psycho-emotional stress. Walk more in the fresh air, try to sleep and eat well all day.

Strong alcoholic drinks, spicy and salty foods should be abandoned. Eliminate coffee and energy drinks from your diet, too. Replace them with herbal teas.

If you have a chronic disease, then keep all the necessary medicines on hand.

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