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The Earth vs. The Nazi Flying Saucers – Moon Bases, Space Wars And The Moon Hoax

By Olav Phillips

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Many years ago I was introduced to the amazing videos of Ed Grimsley, who at the time was discussing the idea that UFOs were engaging in some level of extra-atmospheric combat.

At the time I dismissed the idea, thinking if a alien ship had come all this way that alien ship would posses enough destructive power to render our defensive apparatus null and void and simply blow anything we could throw at it out of the sky.

Now many years later, and especially given recent research into the Secret Space Program as well as the actual composition of battle platforms in space that maybe Grimsley was on to something. He was on to something but I suspect it was not aliens dooking it out with earthmen but instead a space war between a breakaway civilization and its earthly brethren.

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There are a couple of alternatives here. It could be the United States vs. the Russians in a battle royal but I suspect not because a hot war in space should translate into a VERY hot war down here on earth.

Instead I have come to believe that the battle is between a Nazi derived breakaway civilization and the combined governments of NATO and the Russian Federation possibly even China as well. So why do I believe this?

I know it sounds fairly far fetched but to answer that we need to take a small course in “Star Wars” both from a US perspective as well as a Russian perspective. We also need to balance that against Gary McKinnon’s findings and the Nazi UFO research which has been of the forefront in my mind the last few years.

SPACE WEAPONS: Glittering C-Beams off the Taunhauser Gate

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Since the 1950’s both groups have embarked on a long range and costly journey to build weapons systems in space. On the surface these programs were put in place to destroy or prevent destruction. Billions of dollars have been spent on both sides to do some very interesting research, some of which will shock you.

Project Thor – Project Thor or Thor’s Hammer is a space based defense system utilizing tungsten rods to create kinetic energy weapons. On the surface of it Thor was designed to hit Soviet installations and military forces using a very lethal but non-nuclear system.

In reality as quick as Thor can be used to target the surface of the Earth it could also be rotated to fire these rods out into space at slow moving targets or with the proper trajectory it could be fired against larger bodies like the Moon or even Mars, theoretically.

Project SeeSaw – Project SeeSaw was initiated by the JASON group to build particle beam weapons. The project started in the late 1960’s and later was publicly abandoned though it did find some success. It falling out of public view may have been to deflect its true purpose. Once implemented as part of the larger SDI program SeeSaw would have give us not only aircraft mounted particle beams but also orbiting defense platforms.tha

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Project Sipapu – Originally an Army project to build land based particle beam weapons. This is the kind of weapons system which could be deployed to next generation fighting units on both a handheld basis or via modifying tanks to carry the weapon system. Its objective was to build space based weapons systems.

The “Chair Heritage” Program – Little is known about Chair Heritage outside of it being a Navy project to build particle beam weapons for ships.

Brilliant Pebbles – Brilliant pebbles was a stroke of genius. The essential theory behind Brilliant Pebbles was to build a delivery system which could fire a canister of high velocity pellets at a target. These pellets or pebbles traveling at a high rate of speed would effectively shred the target in a cloud of kinetic energy weapons. It is the same principle as Thor but on a smaller scale.

Solar Warden 1 – The information about this Solar Warden comes to us from a whistle blower who called into an interview I was a part of on the Ground Zero radio show. He stated that in the 1970s he had worked, as an engineer, on a highly secret (protected by Federal Marshals) program to build a constellation of three satellites.

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The first two satellites would be parked in an equatorial orbit and use a particle beam to hit targets (possibly the logical outcome of SeeSaw) while the third satellite was an autonomous hunter killer satellite which would patrol the skies. The whistle-blower went on to say that the system was deployed with the rest of the SDI system successfully in the 1980s.

Solar Warden 2 – This is the infamous program stumbled upon by hacker Gary McKinnon which described off-world ships, troops and crews which functioned as a space fleet. He located manifests, logs and registers of the ships including some rather odd ship names.

McKinnon’s findings are controversial but I believe they past the sniff test for many reasons but one of which is the lengths the United States government went to in order to attempt to try him.

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They wanted him gone, and they worked hard at it. The other reason I believe there may be some validity to the claims is around what he found.

Much of what he found appears to be logistical in nature and while secret probably carried a lower secrecy rating then say specifications of the ships. It should all be highly highly classified but one would suspect that logistical data would be a little lower and probably was the cause of the breech.

Gary McKinnon

MANNED BATTLE PLATFORMS: Have Space Canon, uh I Mean Particle Canon, Will Travel

Ok so at this point we can see starting in the late 1950’s there was an aggressive line of research coming out of the military to build space based weapons. At the same time the military, both Soviet and American, embarked on a manned battle platform strategy.

We’ll never know how successful the programs were, but conventionally we are told the plans were never completed or the carcass of the battle station was deorbited and burned up.

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I can understand the logic of believing the conventional but I think in this case and given what we’ve seen over time I think there is a case which can be made that at some level these stations were built and are up there, or maybe they have been superseded by automated defense systems. We do need to remember that DARPA is almost 50 years ahead of us here in the conventional world.

So what did they come up with?

The Manned Observation Laboratory (The MOL) – United States Air Force project to build and later deploy a manned battle station equipped with a laser. The two man crew, both Air Force astronauts, and yes the USAF does have its own astronaut corp. were designated to spend three to six months onboard. Armed with a laser canon, or possibly a particle cannon, their mission ostensibly was to be ready to attack then Soviet space based platforms or space planes (maybe even UFOs?).

The Almaz – The Almaz was the Soviet equivalent to the MOL. It was indeed launched and crewed for sometime and was armed with a 23mm cannon. The cannon was actually a massive engineering feet since the designers actually had to place rockets on the sides of the Almaz to counter act the force of the firing. Cosmonauts who served on the Almaz report that it was quite an adventure to fire the canon and we know that it was indeed fired several times.

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Personal conversations I’ve had with several people who worked on the Soviet space program indicate that there were possibly up to three Almaz stations in orbit and they were fully equipped to attack if ordered. Were there MOL’s in orbit? Yes there was at least one, and the crew was carried up to it via a Gemini-B launch vehicle.

But what about SkyLab? There are rumors that Skylab was armed as well but I have seen no concrete evidence of it, but that being said it stands to reason that it could have been. It would make since especially considering the compositions of the crew, all military, and the proximity of the Skylab program and the ending of the MOL program.

Now the 2 billion dollar question, what is up there now? We’ve heard over time from various researchers, including Bill Birnes who is definitely in the know, that there are stations in geosynchronous orbit over key sites.

Birnes has maintained for some time there is a station locked over Nellis AFB. Which would make sense since there is a significant amount of research going on at Area 51 to this end and if the stations or to defend against an outside threat (i.e. Nazi’s) then it would make sense to park them in a stationary orbit over major defense facilities or population centers.

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Given the technology today it also would not be beyond the pale to expect crew changes, a la Solar Warden, were being done via a next generation spacecraft.

The MOL and Almaz were very real projects with paper trails so we do indeed know both of these battle stations were placed in orbit so I think it is logical to assume others could have been built in orbit or on the Moon and ferried over. The will was there as was the funding.

MOON BASES: No Really! There is a Moon Base

The 1960’s was a turbulent time, unpopular wars, social unrest and apparently a vigorous space weapons program so it should not surprise us that even while the MOL was being operated both the Army and Air Force had also come up with plans to occupy the Moon. The Soviets had a program to!

Project Horizon – A US Army project to build a Moon base by 1967. The base would have offensive and defense capabilities as was to be staffed by a crew of over 200 specially trained Army soldier/astronauts by 1965. Again as we have seen this project was publically killed off but that doesn’t mean it didn’t enter the special access projects realm where there is lots of money and no oversight.

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Project Lunex – Project Lunex was the Air Force equivalent to Horizon and called for a crew of 21 to live on this underground defense station at a cost of a mere $7.5 billion. The interesting part of this project is that it pre-dated the Apollo program and if operational may explain why the Moon Hoax theories swirl around even to this day.

Project Zvezda – Zvezda was a Soviet project similar to Horizon and included, at least at some level, conversations between the Soviet space program and our own to jointly operate lunex1dand man the base. Again I think its safe to assume, given the direction of weapons development, that this base too was almost certainly armed.

THE MOON HOAX: Was there a Hoax and if so why?

When we look at the Moon theory one thing has always jumped out at me. I don’t believe we fully faked the Moon landing. I know that will draw the eire of some but I think there is penty of evidence we landed including the ability to use a telescope and see the junk left behind by the Apollo missions.

Its true you can use a telescope and see the junk we left behind. Obviously these projects did not include the basic law of camping which is to leave it better then you found it.

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So why the falsification?

Strange object on the Moon
Strange object on the Moon

I think, given what we know about Horizon and Lunex it is not beyond the realm to believe that Armstrong and Aldrin may have indeed seen something they were not supposed to so steps were taken to coverup what they saw.

Think of how defeating it would have been to Armstong to jump off the LEM and pronounce “This is one small step man and one giant leap for mankind, oh what why are those guys standing on the ridge staring at us? This is the plausible scenario.

Apollo 11 was off course and missed its landing zone, so Armstrong had to manually land the LEM so they landed in an unprepared location. So by landing in a unprepared location they, the astronauts, may have been exposed to technology or people they were unprepared for. What followed was a tour de ‘force of covering up.

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Fake photos, brainwashing, maybe even the involvement of Stanley Kubrick its all there for the asking. In fact as evidence of the level of cover-up perpetrated on the Apollo 11 program there is an interesting story Buzz Aldrin relayed while being interviewed on C-SPAN which I think does lend a level of credence to this line of research.

During the interview Aldrin was asked what it was like on the Moon, and he responded by talking about seeing the tiny blue dot of the earth and speaking about “Magnificent Desolation,” but he also said when he originally came back to Earth he was at a dinner party and someone had asked him the same question.

Aldrin said he didn’t know how to answer and started to panic, effectively having a panic attack, and headed off to the bathroom where he threw up. This is a classic mind control block, and is placed over a memory to stop that memory from surfacing. Instead the victim feels physically ill to deflect the topic.

Something was obviously up because shortly after the fanfare had died away Armstrong went into seclusion and only rarely granted interview. Why would a national hero hide? Because he is just a shy guy who doesn’t like the attention? Possibly but more then likely he knew that he had participated in something amazing, amazingly dangerous because he had seen things.


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Its obvious something is happening, I think we can only continue to overstate the obvious on that. We have independent confirmation from sources that both NATO and the Russian Federation have a significant investment in exotic and space based weapons.

We are told that investment was for a missile shield, we are told that was for World War III but the truth is World War III never came. There was no attack nor would there ever be because of the MAD principle (Mutually Assured Destruction).

War planners on both sides could see no end state where a limited nuclear exchange took place, to initiate that kind of armed conflict would only end with the destruction of the entire planet.

So why all the weapons and weapons programs? Why is Ed Grimsley getting some amazing footage, consistently, of a battle in space? I would argue that it is because those weapons are not to protect us from the Russians or vice versa. Instead I would argue there is a war in space, right now and Grimsley has found a way to capture it. But who is that war against? I know it sounds like the plot of a recent film but I would say those platforms and weapons systems are design to keep people way and I think the best candidate for that break away group is some derivative of the Nazi regime. A regime in hiding on the Moon or more likely Mars.

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Need some proof? In the 1990’s there was a slate of triangular UFO sightings across Europe and a few in the United States as well. These UFOs tended to follow motor ways and hang out near military or telecommunications facilities. They also were shoot beams of light into select grave yards.

Now I know what you are thinking, aliens would do that? The obvious question is why? Are they monitoring our nuclear reactors as space brothers sent from Venus who want to make sure we protect our environment?

Probably not, more likely they are Nazi ships watching our capabilities. That makes sense and passes the sniff test.

By Olav Phillips, source:

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