Dollhouse grave

The Dorothy Marie Harvey Dollhouse Tombstone

Dollhouse graveDorothy Marie Harvey and her family were passing through Medina, Tennessee on their way North to find work. Poor Dorothy, aged just 5, sickened and died of measles on June 1st 1931.

Her family had no money, so the kind townspeople of Medina had a tombstone erected for her and as the little girl had always wanted a dollhouse, erected one over her grave marker for her. Dorothy’s parents then continued on their journey leaving their little girl behind.

Unfortunately, vandals at some point in time destroyed the original dollhouse that stood over the grave, and it was replaced with another one that still stands there to this day.

Toys and flowers are left by her graveside to this very day. Legend has it that you can sometimes see Dorothy when you look in the windows of her dollhouse.

You can find this remarkable memorial at the Hope Hill Cemetery, Medina, Gibson County in Tennessee, USA.

By Paul Middleton, source: Ghosts, the paranormal, myths and legends

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