The director of national intelligence said that UFOs flying over US warships could be aliens

The UFOs that fly over warships and are reported by American pilots may be of alien origin, the head of US intelligence said.

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Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which oversees all 16 US spy agencies, including the FBI and CIA, spoke at the Our Future in Space event at Washington’s National Cathedral.

Haynes was asked about UFOs, which have become a major topic of national security debate in the United States after they have been classified as conspiracy theories for years.

A stunning UFO Task Force report released by the Pentagon over the summer acknowledged the existence of unexplained encounters between the US military and mysterious targets.

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And although in the report, which analyzed 144 observations, there was no unambiguous statement about a possible connection with aliens, he did not rule out other options, including aliens.

At an event where she spoke alongside NASA chief Bill Nelson, leading pundit Professor Avi Loeb and billionaire Jeff Bezos, Haynes appears to have opened the door even further to possible alien communication.

And she acknowledged that there are things about these strange encounters that the intelligence community just doesn’t understand, highlighting the need for more investigations.

“The main issues that concern Congress and others are flight safety and counterintelligence issues,” she said at the forum.

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The question always remains: “Is there something else that we simply do not understand, that can come from outside – extraterrestrial?” – she said.

“We are confident that we will not be able to explain each of these UFO reports with earthly reasons because, frankly, we are not able to understand everything.”

“We need to better gather useful information from the various sensors available to us. And we need to deepen our analysis in these areas.”

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