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Chute Road Cemetery

The Chute Road Cemetery Hauntings

Chute Road CemeteryThe Chute Cemetery on Chute Road, Windham in Maine was built by one of the descendants of the first white man to settle in Windham.

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George Chute farmed at the corner of Chute and Swett Road, and as was the tradition of the time, had a little area in the pasture, which was used as a family cemetery.

In time, he decided to have two monuments made and erected to the memory of his ancestors. Then he “fenced” the cemetery in with granite blocks that he cut and split and hauled across the field to the graveyard.

Others in the neighbourhood – the Swetts and some of the Cobb family also used this small old cemetery.

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It sets way back in the pasture and is easily seen from the road, but not accessible to the public.

Many people who have lived near this cemetery report that at dawn, they can see two little girls playing in the cemetery.

Curiously, their dress has been known to change, although the little girls are not always dressed for the weather.

They usually are seen wearing long ankle length dresses with wool stockings and sunbonnets. They chase each other as if playing a game of tag, giggling. Hiding behind the headstones and popping back up.

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They are the ghosts of two sisters whose grave markers are there in the cemetery, but there bodies are not. Many believe that the girls died when they fell in a old well or mineshaft.

They were reported missing very shortly after. They were never seen alive again and there bodies were never recovered.

By Paul Middleton, source: Ghosts, the paranormal, myths and legends

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