The Ancient Super-Computer: 2000-Year-Old Antikythera Mechanism

During the exploration of the Greek island of Antikythera, a group of divers discovered a strange device with advanced astronomical functions which is known the Antikythera Mechanism.

In 1901 since it was discovered, researchers were not able to figure out what this device was, neither the purpose it served, due to corrosive layers caused by being at the bottom of the ocean for centuries.

As of the technological advancement that we reached so far, scientists were able to decipher its evasive purpose, and it seems that this device is of a greater significance for humanity’s history than ever anticipated.

The Antikythera Mechanism

The device was used more than 2000 years ago with this complex mechanism as a calculator that helped ancient astronomers know the exact alignment of different groups of stars for calendrical purposes, in addition to knowing the Olympic games timings and organizing them.

The item that was found 100 years ago is in fact an ancient analog computer built using a puzzling assembly of almost 30 bronze gear wheels that were carefully sealed in a case embedded with a collection of metallic dials.

The attention to this discovered computer is based on the fact that this proves that there was technology years B.C equivalent to what we have now and also up to the 18th century, maybe the level of capabilities of this item is still not the same as today’s computers yet this indicate that there might be other technologies of that age that we still do not know anything about which can be even more advanced.

A British Mechanic and Historian of Mechanism, Michael Wright, has constructed a fully-functional Antikythera mechanism from recycled metal plates (just like the original mechanism used to be), and is now revealing the full range capabilities of this remarkable piece of work.

Reconstruction of Antikythera Mechanism

Can it be possible that the creators of this device had the same fate? And if so, did they collapse along with the accumulated knowledge, which leaves humanity another couple thousand years to figure out the computation of astronomical positioning?

Keeping in mind the advanced knowledge the ancients possessed which is denied by our history books, can gods described by ancient temples and drawings be actually aliens who provided them with the guidance to this advanced technology that helped them full fill things they wanted to achieve?

Well, according new discoveries that most of the time contradict with the scientific beliefs of the past, the hypothesis of ancient aliens helping us evolve and thrive doesn’t seem too far off.

It is also possible that our human race is continuously undergoing a cyclic evolution, which means that every time we are about to make the leap on the Kardashev scale, something terrible is happening, thus wiping the entire progress achieved until then.

Such discoveries are likely to open our eyes and see that our past is not as modern science describes it. There’s a fair chance of other advanced civilizations that had existed before us. Unfortunately, they did not make it through the universal filter for different reasons.

If they were destroyed by their own weapons of mass destruction, or by powerful natural phenomenon, we can only guess, but there’s a clear indicator of meticulous progress that couldn’t had been achieved without a higher level of understanding.

Thus we shall expect the “ancient gods” to descend again in at the end of the current cycle yet we have no clue when this can happen. However, if it happens during your lifetime, be sure to capture this event for the sake of further generations.

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