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Power of candles

The Affirmative Power of Candles

Power of candlesMost likely humankind’s greatest creative discovery was the making of fire. With fire, all of life changed. Fire brought light to darkness and warmth to cold. It first uses brought safety and protection from predators and the ability to fabricate various implements. Just imagine how incredibly magical and mystical the creation of fire was to the first of our species.

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While scholarly arguments and archeological evidence date controlled creation and use of fire around 1.5 million years to 400,000 years ago, the lives of our ancestors throughout this time frame, was at its most primitive. Techniques to control the natural environment for beneficial uses were incredibly limited, if not virtually unknown.

The extraordinary phenomenon of the creation of fire produced could only have had an awe-inspiring impact. To take two sticks or two stones and force this magical element to appear from their frictional mating defied logical understanding.

Through the millenniums, and the evolution of civilization, fire has never lost its relationship to the mystical. This is carried over today in a multitude of religious and spiritual practices through the use of candles.

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The use of candles for spiritual purposes has been practiced for thousands of years. Often it marks the light of Higher Power (whatever the belief system) and a drawing down of Divine Radiance, enhancing the connection between the Divine and Humanity.

Lighting a candle in religious or spiritual practice is generally done so with specific intention. We, as vibrational beings, are responding to the vibrational energies of the candle flame and color. The burning of an illuminated candle represents the manifestation of our intention, whether in prayer, meditation, ritual, commemoration or as affirmation. Gazing in reflection on the flame leads us into a ‘beyond-worldly’ state. Our state of consciousness is still prodigiously affected by the enduring mystical connection.

Because we are part of an electromagnetic universe, our thoughts, emotions, word choices, phrasing and overall use of language through crafted affirmations, prayers, and mantras have been scientifically proven to impact our thought patterns, attitudes and influence our emotional, mental and psychical states to assist us in manifesting the lives we desire.

The use of burning specifically colored candles with intention serves as a useful tool to enhance the personally internal and universally external electromagnetic vibrations that affect our existence. Doing so can be supportive to us on our paths whether we light them in accompaniment to a verbal intention or prayer, meditate on them, or use them as reminders as we merely walk past them while they are burning brightly.

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Below is a simplistic general guide for using candle color as an inspiring means to promote intention and well-being:

Green for abundance, financial well-being, career success, physical healing and good health, new beginings.

Yellow for creativity, inspiration, intelligence, wisdom, learning, concentration.

Orange for energy, enthusiasm, emotional healing, positive attitude, ambition, courage.

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Pink for happiness, love, compassion, romance, peace and opening or healing the heart.

Red for vitality, willpower, action, passionate love, bravery, overcoming fear, effectiveness.

Blue for peace, calm, tranquility, harmony, patience, communication, understanding, contentment.

Purple for enhanced spiritual connection, higher wisdom, heightened meditation, intuitive awareness, enlightenment, higher protection.

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White for connection to divine spiritual energy, cleansing, purification, higher healing, unity, spiritual strength, divine love and peace within.

Interestingly, white is the culmination when light of all colors is combined. A white candle can therefore be used in place of any color candle.

Considering the wide range of the color spectrum now available to us in terms of candle colors, you may wish to consult one of the many, readily accessible vibrational color charts to help you determine more specifically which color vibration will best support your specific intention.

It is best to illuminate one specific color candle at a time to clearly define and maintain the focus of your intention.

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From a clearly pragmatic perspective, please exercise care whenever you burn candles. Always burn candles on heat and flame protected surfaces, away from materials that can catch fire, outside the reach of children and pets and where and when you can always keep careful watch on them.

Enjoy using candles to illuminate your life in a multitude of beneficial ways!

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