Aura protectionAs spiritual beings composed of energy residing in a body, we are influenced by many outside factors and forces that are invisible to us on the physical level. Just as we protect our physical bodies from the elements, we must also protect our spiritual bodies from the energetic elements.

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Many times we encounter negative or overwhelming emotional and magnetic vibrations that can throw us off balance. An example might be entering a room where a heated argument took place earlier, yet you are feeling the negative energy that was left behind. Using psychic protection techniques can help you avoid picking up those vibrations. It can also help with people and situations that seem to suck your energy.

Who uses aura protection?

Anyone can use aura protection for themselves and learn its techniques.

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What is aura protection exactly?

You may or may not be familiar with the term “aura protection.” Generally it means safeguarding the aura or energy field that radiates around our physical bodies. Our auras can pick up other people’s emotions and drama that floats around on this earthy plane. Some people and situations act as energy vampires and attach their energetic cords to you, siphoning off your energy for their own use.

By using psychic protection you can avoid getting caught in this position. The how to section will go into more detail about the steps to take, but basically you will be mentally visualizing and creating a barrier around your aura.

When is it used?

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It is used anytime you want to protect your energetic boundaries and ideally should be used 24/7. The best part is that you can set up your protection as often or as little as you want. You can set it up once a day to cover yourself for twenty-four hours or do it as often as you need to. There are really no rules here, you will just follow your intent and do what feels right.

Where is it used?

Is it used around and outside of your auric field like a boundary, layer or bubble. Although psychic protection usually refers to people, it can also be used in the same way around your home, office or car.

Why use it?

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As mentioned earlier, there are lots of energetic elements floating around on this earthly plane. Sometimes we are aware of these energies and sometimes we are not. Negative emotions and evil intent can be directed towards us or experienced indirectly. Sometimes we end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and pick up bad vibrations. Even good vibrations can pass through our auric fields. And while they may not cause any trouble, they might cause confusion or maybe you just don’t want them at the moment.

Generally, we don’t want something odd of foreign in our own personal energetic space. There is an old saying that “good fences make good neighbors.” It also applies here. Having a good fence around your aura can prevent your energy from being damaged, vandalized or stolen.

How to Do It

There are many forms and methods of psychic protection available. Some can be quite interesting and complex involving prayer, incantations, rituals and talismans. For our purposes we will use a simple technique with three different variations: the shield, mirrors, and bubble. In each case you will visualize the aura around your body extending out about 18 inches or so. If you have trouble with this mental image, feel free to use a visual aid. A drawing of the human body with an aura or egg shaped field around it would work.

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Once you have you aura edge set, try working with the bubble technique. This is perhaps the common and most popular method. Imagine a bubble of protective light around your aura and body. Many people use white light, but violet is also known to be good for safety and transmutation. See any negative energies being repelled by your bubble.

If you don’t like using the bubble method, you can try using a protection shield. Mentally create a shield, picture it and set it at the front edge of your aura. Program the shield to protect you 24/7 and give it the ability to move around you aura at any angle necessary to ward off the invading energies. Visualize the energies bouncing off the shield and dissolving. Make it fun!

If the shield doesn’t work well, you can try the mirrors variation. Again, see the edge of the aura around your body. Now place mirrors all around the outside of your aura with the reflective side facing outwards. This way the unwanted energies are reflected back at the send or out into the universe. Get creative and use antique mirrors or even imagine yourself inside a disco ball!

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Whatever variation you choose or even if you develop your own, be sure to practice it regularly. Psychic protection is key to having healthy energetic boundaries.

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