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The 5 Reiki Principles: Reminders To Help You On Your Spiritual Path

Reiki eyeReiki is a wonderful healing modality that works with universal life force energy. Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the 1920’s, it can help with relaxation and healing on many levels. Although anyone can practice Reiki, it does require study and receiving attunements or initiation from a master or teacher.

Even if you don’t study or practice Reiki, there are some wonderful concepts that you can use to enhance your life. Dr. Usui was greatly influenced by the writings and teachings of Emperor Meiji, which emphasized values and ethics. Dr. Usui incorporated them into the Five Reiki Principles which are still relevant today. The Five Reiki Principles are simple guidelines that you can use right now on your spiritual path.

1. Do not be angry

This principle seems pretty obvious, but let’s look at it on a deeper level. It should prompt us to question the motive behind our anger. Are we simply lashing out at people because we are unhappy? Or are we angry at the injustices of the world? Being angry alone will not solve problems, but it can get us moving towards corrective action. Perhaps another way to look at this guideline is to be aware of ourselves and our emotions.

2. Do not worry

This is easier said than done. Sometimes it is in our nature to worry about things. Whether it is about our jobs, money, families, health or our futures, worry seems to plague our thoughts. In most cases worry occurs because we are focused on future events that may or may not even happen.

Perhaps a better way to deal with worry is to practice mindfulness. This means doing your best to live in the present moment. Focus on where you are right now. Training your mind to work this way can help combat worry.

3. Be grateful

The power of gratitude can make a big difference in our lives. By counting our blessings we begin to realize that we are truly abundant. This generates positive thoughts and energy that radiates out to the universe. By the law of attraction, this will invite more blessings to come into our lives. That means even more to be thankful for!

4. Work with diligence

Regardless of where it is or what we are doing, working with care is a wonderful practice. By focusing on doing the best job possible, we share our goodness with others. This encourages others to do the same, putting out their best efforts. It inspires everyone to grow. It also means we should continue to work on ourselves and aspire to be the best people we can be.

5. Be kind to people

This also seems obvious, but can be challenging. It is easy to be kind to people we like, but what about those people we don’t like? Try showing them some compassion. What about the people we fear? Maybe that homeless man near the train station seeking some spare change, for instance?

Rather than fear him, acknowledge him. Sometimes even a kind word or a hello to a stranger can make a world of difference. Another thing to consider is being kind to yourself. Sometimes we are our own worst critics, beating ourselves up over mistakes and expecting way too much. Remember that being kind to people includes being kind to yourself!

The Five Reiki Principles are so simple to understand but not always so simple to practice. They are great reminders to help you on your spiritual path. A good idea is to write them down and display them where you can see them every day. As you continue working with them you will grow deeper in wisdom and understanding. Here’s to a fruitful and healing journey!

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