The 10 main sensations that a person experiences after death

Contrary to popular belief, near-death experiences (NDEs) are not the same, and they vary widely among individuals. While many people envision a scenario in which, after clinical death, they enter a tunnel leading toward a bright light, where they may encounter deceased relatives or luminous beings who help them decide whether to continue their journey or return to their earthly life, these specific NDE scenarios are not universal. Although such vivid near-death accounts have been reported numerous times, it’s essential to recognize that not every person who faces death experiences these particular phenomena. However, there are common elements and emotions…

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a journalist and a most prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of, a website he created in 2013.