Astral projection

Telltale Signs That You Had an Out-of-Body Experience

Astral projectionHave you ever wondered how Oscar-winning director James Cameron gets his inspiration? The idea for Avatar came from an out of body experience that he had. No wonder the movie has such striking dreamscape imagery. The genius inventor, Nikolas Tesla, also used his lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences to inspire his experiments.

A recent study by French doctor Christophe Lopez of 210 patients found that 14% of the participants had had what they could only describe as an out-of-body experience, showing it is much more common than many people think. So what are the signs that you have had one, too?

A feeling of sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis means that your mind is awake, but your body is still asleep. You will have the feeling of moving away from your physical presence, allowing you to transcend the gravity that is keeping you on this earthly plain.

Your body might feel like it has something heavy on it, stopping you from moving. Don’t panic about this though, just relax and let your mind travel – you may end up somewhere very interesting indeed.

Sinking down into the bed

Many people that have an out-of-body experience talk about the sensation of sinking downwards into the bed. This was depicted well in the British movie Trainspotting.

Along with this feeling is the understanding that your spiritual presence can float upwards and away, allowing you to travel mentally.

Unexplained sounds and noises

When you are having an out-of-body experience you may hear noises that are strange or that you can’t explain. There may be whispers, or speech, perhaps in a language or pattern that you cannot identify. Many people describe sounds like a fast car or a train that is rushing past at high speed.

Buzzing sounds, whirring and humming are common too.

An electrical vibration

One of the signs that you are having an out-of-body experience is the feeling that your body is supercharged and vibrating.

Some people say that this is like an electric tingle going through them, however it is only visible to them. It is not the sensation of cold shivering, but there is a movement that comes from within.

Unexplained images

You may see things that you cannot rationally explain if you are astral projecting or having an out-of-body experience. Perhaps you feel you are somewhere that you haven’t been before. Or perhaps you are having a conversation with people that you have never met.

It may even be that you feel that you are not on this planet anymore. These unexplained images shouldn’t feel frightening, just different. Sometimes the images start blurry and then gradually come into focus. This is because your physical body isn’t seeing these images; instead, your spiritual being is seeing something new and gradually adjusting to what is around.

An out-of-body experience can be a completely enlightening sensation. It may take you to a new astral plain and open your mind a different way of thinking.

Author: Lucy Turner

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One comment

  1. Few people believe me, when I mention that as a young teen I had such an experience.

    It was 1977, I was alone in my bedroom listening to AM radio, when the DJ announced that the King of R&R Elvis Presley had just died!.

    I became upset at this news, switched off my small transistor radio and simply lay on my bed in contemplation.
    The last thing I could remember, was staring at a large flower in the 1970’s style wallpaper.

    Some time later, I found myself in the living room of the house, watching my parents discussing the news of Elvis’ sudden death!.

    I couldn’t understand why my Mother & Father didn’t include me in the conversation!.

    Then I heard my Mother ask my Father if she should tell me?. It was Only then, I realised I was looking at my parents and baby Sister from above!, as though I was somehow floating above them.

    This realization caused me to panic, then within a nano second, I was back upstairs and above my bed watching myself sleep.
    Next, I simply lay down where I had initially fallen asleep, almost as though it was something I had done before many times.

    Within moments I awoke, to hear my Mother knocking on my bedroom door!.

    My Parents were both Roman Catholic and I wondered If I should say anything about my experience. I guess there was some fear of having been possessed, my child’s mind struggled with this decision.

    Cutting a long story short. I was blessed to have a Father, who due to a long Army career was open minded.

    I asked to speak with him privately, so we walked in a local park and to my absolute surprise, my Father asked me: “Are you OK?” ,
    I replied:, “Yes Sir, thank you for asking”.

    My Father (R. I. P) stopped swiftly, as though he had reached a cliff edge, turned looked right into my eyes and asked: “Son was it your first time?”.

    It turned out that my Father, my Uncles (his Brothers) and my Grandfather, All had very similar experiences!.

    That one OBE served to bring myself & my Father extremely close, a bond formed between us, that enabled him to know somehow, if I was ill or in trouble!.

    I felt love from my Father, that to this very day, I still find impossible to explain! .
    My Father was the kind of man who struggled to show affection to his children. Something which I have often considered was due to his Army life, maybe not.

    But from that very moment, I felt great love from him, even if only talking on the phone.
    Impossible to explain, except to say, It was all encompassing, genuine and extremely powerful!.

    That day in 1977, was my first and sadly, only experience of an Out of body Experience (OBE).
    Though, I have many times over the decades which followed, attempted without success, to achieve the feeling and experience again!.

    I have often wondered, if that day & that OBE experience was designed some how, by someone, to create that very special bond between myself and my Father. But Who Knows?.

    My apologies for the lengthy post, but I have told very few, the total facts about that day and frankly, It feels so wonderful to relive both the experience and the breathtaking love I experienced from my Father.

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak aloud (so to speak).

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