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Tech boss estimates the likelihood of AI destroying humanity

Artificial intelligence has a 25 percent chance of destroying us all, tech boss Dario Amodei warns ahead of the world’s first AI safety summit hosted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak next month.

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According to the Daily Mail, artificial intelligence has a one in four chance of destroying humanity, a leading tech expert has warned.

Dario Amodei, of AI researchers Anthropic, said the technology would destroy the world by either going rogue or by being abused by humans.

He told: “[The] chance something goes catastrophically wrong on the scale of human civilisation might be 10 to 25 per cent.”

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But the expert told the technology podcast Logan Bartlett Show: “If we can avoid the downsides then this stuff about curing cancer, extending human lifespan, solving problems like mental illness… I don’t think it’s outside the scope of what this can do.”

In response, campaigners Control AI told The Sun the same firms that thought there was a chance ‘that their products will kill you all’ were the same ones ‘calling the shots when it comes to regulation’.

The world’s first safety summit on AI will be hosted by Rishi Sunak next month.

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