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Talking To The Dead Via Automatic Writing

The concept of Automatic Writing (AW) can be equated to the Ouija Board. The latter requires two persons employing a Planchette on a square board imprinted with the alphabet as a mechanism to spell out words.

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AW does not require two people. It is done by one person using an ordinary pen or pencil and paper. AW does not require any medium or channeling practices. With a little time and patience, anyone can become quite proficient.

Primarily a form of communication with those who have made the change we call death, AW can also be used to talk to the living. A word of caution, unlike the dead the living are unaware of the communication. It does work. The best way to prove it works is to try doing AW, the results can be startling.

A concise, clear definition of AW: “Writing performed without apparent intent or conscious control, esp. to achieve spontaneity or uncensored expression.” “automatic writing.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 28 Aug. 2008.

Why Protection Is Paramount

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There are true cases of possession recorded such as “The Exorcist.” (William Peter Blatty)The book and movie arose from a thirteen-year-old boy dabbling with a Ouija Board. Jesuit Fr. Walter Halloran who assisted with the real-life exorcism stated: “I believe this was a genuine case of possession,” as quoted in the National Catholic Reporter.

There is always the possibility of making contact with a discarnate entity without being protected during an AW session. Such was the case in “The Exorcist.” Many souls are still earthbound.

As such, they seek to inhabit the earth plane hoping to attain a physical body as a vehicle. Some do it without malice or evil intent. Regardless of the intent being protected is important to prevent possession.

White Light

When any form of control is consciously given, it is important to be properly protected. This is done by visualizing a white light (circle) then mentally stepping inside and asking for protection prior to beginning AW. This simple mental exercise should be done for at least fifteen minutes.

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The next step is done before the actual attempt of communication with a spirit is begun. Seated at a table or any comfortable spot to write, gently place the pencil/pen to the paper and request aloud, I ask that only pure and good spirits enter.

If there is a specific entity then add to that sentence, I ask to speak to (person’s name).

Perform these steps whenever an AW session begins.

Automatic writing

How To Do AW

Using an ordinary pencil or pen and plain white, unlined paper, clear all conscious thought. Very lightly, using no pressure, place the pen/pencil on the paper mentally asking, is there a spirit here? Nothing may be written.

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It may take several attempts before seeing anything materialize on that blank piece of paper. Don’t be discouraged. AW requires a lot of patience. Keep asking, is there a spirit here?

It is not unusual for first attempts at AW to take hours, days, weeks, even months before anything comes through. Once it does hours will seem like minutes, the writings go on and on until the practitioner decides, its time to stop.

What To Expect When The Pen Moves

Many times there are only squiggly lines, ovals, and scribbling. This may continue for pages and pages before seeing that first yes to the question: is there a spirit here? Once the yes is written ask, may I have your name please? It is not uncommon for this to be ignored at first and the question should be repeated until a name is written.

If the name is recognized continue by asking more questions. For example, suppose the name given is Mary. The name is familiar because Mary was a parent, a relative, a friend, etc.

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Ask, is this Mary Smith? Wait for the answer. If this is the desired spirit, continue with the AW session in the manner of speaking in a normal living conversation.

Should an unrecognized spirit begin the communication it is fine to ask, can you please try to get me through to so and so? Generally, the request is completed.

However, there are spirits who have been waiting to establish some sort of communication with the world of the living. They may begin writing about themselves, their family, friends and even give a description of their current world.

Quite frequently, AW communicators receive poetic verse from the other side. The reason for this remains a mystery but it occurs more often than not.

Talking To The Living

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This is done in the same manner as talking to those who have passed over. Here it is the sub-conscious mind of a living person that is being contacted. Therefore, the utmost courtesy should be employed. The “Golden Rule” “Do unto others,” and conscience should be the guide.

AW in this form works best when the person is asleep. There is too much distraction from outside outside influences when the party is awake. It can be done but not without much nonsensical gibberish and or meaningless communication.

Through the centuries mankind’s curiosity has prompted him to employ various implements in the hopes of answering the question, is there life after death? AW is a bridge than can furnish that answer.

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