Sweden has the world’s largest archive of UFOs and paranormal phenomena

In the Swedish city of Norrköping there is the world’s largest library of records of UFOs and all kinds of paranormal phenomena from all parts of the world.

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This amazing data archive was founded in 1973 by UFO enthusiasts Håkan Blomkvist, Kjell Jonsson and Anders Liljegren, who called themselves the Ufology Working Group.

The archive is now run by 65-year-old Claes Swan and 73-year-old Anders Liljegren, who call themselves “curious explorers of the unknown.”

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The library archive consists primarily of books, newspaper clippings, and stories received directly from those to whom they occurred. It is located underground and takes up a whopping 700 square meters of space.

Officially, this library is called “The Archives of the Unexplained” (AFU). Its collection includes 55 thousand books in different languages, 88 thousand magazines, 650 thousand newspaper articles, 30 thousand photographs, as well as videos, tape recordings, paintings, various things and much more.

Since 1986, the archive has been closely associated with the national ufological organization of Sweden. It exists solely on the money of philanthropists. There is also a shop at the library where you can buy some second-hand books.

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“What we are creating here at AFU is a repository of knowledge. We are trying to find out as much as possible about all kinds of unsolved scientific mysteries that we can find… to make it available to the whole world,” explains Claes Swan showing reporters the 700 square meter library.

Access to the library is strictly limited. Only about 300 people visit it per year and only by appointment. Part of the archive has been digitized and can be viewed on the official website, but to do this you must first obtain an access code.

Greg Eghigian, a professor of history and bioethics at Pennsylvania State University in the US, visited AFU one day to conduct research for his book on the history of UFOs.

“I have worked in countless archives in Europe, the United States and the UK. My time at AFU was, without a doubt, the most exciting and productive. AFU is without doubt…the most comprehensive archive of material relating to the global history of the UFO phenomenon in the world. Impossible carefully study the subject without familiarizing itself with its funds.”

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