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Supposed Bigfoot scream recorded on video in Kentucky

BigfootShaun Hammonds, a resident of Whitesburg, lately recorded a soul-piercing scream from the woods.

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The video, published on Facebook about two weeks ago, begins with Hammonds walking outside his house to the treeline with his cellphone hoping to record the noise.

Sure enough, throughout the video, the weird, distant howling can be heard several times.

His wife has been similarly perplexed by the sound.

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“Lil’Mama heard it with me and we can both tell you that’s no elk, bear or coyote that sound pierces your soul it’s unlike anything I’ve heard in these mountains,” wrote Hammonds.

Listen below (skip to 2:20s) – is this Bigfoot’s scream, or is it something else?

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  1. Shaun has a channel on you tube called The Hillbillies. Wonderful Kentucky family. He posted yesterday that he was not going back up in to the mountain because he feared for his life. That the creature was having ill effects on him and the family every time he went in search of this thing. His plans were to build a cabin up behind his home Now. Not sure if he is still thinking thats going to work or not because whatever is up there, doesn’t want him near the area. Anyway, he wants to focus on his family and not his Big Foot Chronicles.

  2. Im a predator hunter and spend more time out hunting as I don’t believe in trapping(its for the weak). I can 100% confirm this is NOT a mountain lion. You can also clearly hear 2 different calls, again not something a ML does. I would love to be able to contact the poster and narrow down exactly where this was taken. I believe these creatures migrate right before winter. Im only one state away and people who live semi deep off the beaten path have been reporting an uptick in hearing similar things

  3. The bigfood i saw sounded just like the sounds recorded, it was far from a woman’s scream, the closest sound to what i heard was a recording of an orangutan that was recorded in Thailand during a thunder storm, in fact the bigfoot i saw was screaming at the top of his boice each time a clap of thunder sounded. Up until that day had been a sceptic. My first encounter had been with a footprint and hair on a tree limb, i didn’t know if someone had placed them there to scare people. Check out Julia Roberts, IN THE WILD, with the orangutan, when the thunder happens, see and hear the sounds of the giant male, that’s the sound i heard and saw here in the swamps of Louisiana

  4. I have seen a Sasquatch and I have caught a “whiff” of a Sasquatch……now I have an idea what their sound can be. Thank you for the sound tract. 😊

  5. I lived in So..Williamson, Ky. In 1969 and I will have to say I have never heard a sound of the Bigfoot, but i definitely know that I personally saw and which I believe with all my.being that I saw Bigfoot across the road as I was getting into my car,I screamed and he turned and ran up and into the hills , I.never told anyone about this but my family and.close friends ,because most people wouldn’t believe it to this anyway. Right⁉️

  6. I grew up I’m Salyersville Ky , not to far from Whitesburg. In 1978 my girlfriend at the time and I both saw a Bigfoot face to face on a road between Salyersville and Paintsville ky while we were out on a date

  7. I’ve lived in Southwest Virginia all of my life which is 20 min from the KY stateline. We do have bears, Mtn lions & coyotes BUT none of those make this sound. The vast amount of forestland that we have in this area is most def a perfect area for something like this.

  8. I was in Whitesburg and Letcher County yesterday. This is perfect terrain for Big Foot. I worked there 42 years for AT&T before they did away with my job on March 29th this year.

  9. From what I know, there are lots of Bigfoot tales originating in Kentucky. I mean, consider all the secluded areas and the mountainous terrain. Perfect Bigfoot habitat, if you ask me!!

  10. Wow! I’m in the woods here in Kentucky every morning. I live in the Daniel Boone National Forrest by Cumberland falls State Park for almost 20 years now. We do in fact have mountain lions, coyotes and foxes, but none of them make these sounds.

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