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Supposed Bigfoot scream recorded on video in Kentucky

BigfootShaun Hammonds, a resident of Whitesburg, lately recorded a soul-piercing scream from the woods.

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The video, published on Facebook about two weeks ago, begins with Hammonds walking outside his house to the treeline with his cellphone hoping to record the noise.

Sure enough, throughout the video, the weird, distant howling can be heard several times.

His wife has been similarly perplexed by the sound.

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“Lil’Mama heard it with me and we can both tell you that’s no elk, bear or coyote that sound pierces your soul it’s unlike anything I’ve heard in these mountains,” wrote Hammonds.

Listen below (skip to 2:20s) – is this Bigfoot’s scream, or is it something else?

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Jake Carter

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  1. This scream is a cougar they are in the Daniel Boone in Eastern Ky and this is a common sound especially when they are disturbed in their normal setting. We see and hear them especially near dusk in the evening.

  2. It’s the sound of democrats crying because they can’t do nothing with trump and know they won’t win the next election

  3. I live in Johnson county Ky and I have heard this sound a few times and my and the neighbors dogs would bark all night long weird sound but I had no idea what it could be

  4. I grew up in Johnson county ky. My family and I have herd the sound at 4.44 i think it is on the cip. We had to walk a bit of away to get to the school bus and what ever it was would follow you to the end of the tree line. It sounded like it was breaking everything as it walked. That sound clip sounded like what we herd.

  5. For all you skeptics …..why don’t you hike up in them there woods and see what it is. It ain’t nothing, so there ain’t nothing to fear.

  6. I live and hunt in Kentucky and I know what a Bobcat, bear, elk and coyotes sound like. I’ve heard that type of bellowing and it put chills down my spine. That is a Sasquach sound and it is two different ones communicating with each other.

    • Hike on up there bad boys/ girls.. yes I said boys and girls bc bc if your not scared you’ll go up there alone to see what it really is but I’m for sure you May come back down a man/ woman for there are things of this world that are yet to be discovered I was born/ raised in KY with a education and I’m not going anywhere near that place so as not to disturb his/ her natural habitat. But this is unlike any sound I have ever heard coming from our normal run of the mountain animals, yet it is a beautiful and amazing sound

  7. I live in Letcher County. There definitely are mountain lions here regardless of Fish & Wildlife’s statement. I heard them and family members have had encounters face to face. Some reports have black jaguars migrating and breeding across the east. That is not a native animal. Never heard anything like it before. Hopefully. The trail camera gge

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