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Submarine “Dakar” in 1968 Could Sink Due To the Impact of an Underwater UFO

The technological progress of mankind in recent centuries has given people airplanes, steamships, trains, helicopters, submarines, spacecraft and much more.

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Along with this diversity, our civilization has also known grandiose catastrophes. The same “Titanic”, various accidents on the railway tracks, plane crashes. But, not in all cases there was a breakdown. Some incidents have remained without a logical explanation. The sinking of the Dakar submarine can be considered such a case.

In 1968, a submarine bought by Israel from England set sail from the British city of Portsmouth. The route was chosen as the safest. Almost three weeks later, the Dakar was supposed to arrive in the Israeli city of Haifa. But that did not happen.

On January 9, 1968, the submarine was last seen. Communication with the crew was maintained until January 24th. Having overcome the island of Crete, the captain of the submarine, Yaakov Ranaan, announced that the Dakar would arrive in Haifa almost a day ahead of schedule.

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These words turned out to be the last phrase received from the submarine. After 6 hours, no one got in touch with the center. To avoid panic among the population, the country’s leadership reported interruptions in communication with the crew and referred to poor weather conditions in Israel when a sandstorm began.

Two days later, the country’s prime minister admitted that communication with the submariners had been lost.

For five years, the search for the sunken submarine did not yield any results. Only 31 years later, in 1999, American submersibles, combing the bottom of the water area between Cyprus and Crete, noticed a strange object. It turned out to be the Dakar submarine.

Further investigation showed that there was no damage from the alleged mine or torpedo explosion. The boat was in almost pristine condition. Attempts by the Americans to lay the blame for the death of the submarine on the USSR were unsuccessful.

Something caused the breakdown of all the equipment.
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Official documents on the results of the survey of the submarine were declassified only in 2015. According to these reports, the Dakar submarine was not attacked, the cause of the flood was the mysterious failure of all systems.

In the same 2015, the Israeli media became aware of the initiation of additional information on this case, since the documents received did not indicate the reason for the failure of the equipment.

No response was received to this request. Then a variety of versions began to appear: from radiation of underwater UFO to a common malfunction.

Despite all efforts, it was not possible to raise the submarine from a depth of 3000 meters. Only part of the felling was brought to the surface. At the same time, the mystery is that all the sailors have gone somewhere from the sunken submarine.

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“I wish we had something to believe in or hope for that we could hide. There’s nothing that we know that you don’t. We’re not hiding anything,” then-defense minister Moshe Dayan said.

“We don’t know anything other than that at some point contact was broken and we haven’t heard anything since,” he said.

“If we knew definitively, if we had factual evidence that the crew members or that some of them had drowned or died, we would come to the parents and to the families and tell them,” Dayan said.

A mysterious glow in that region was captured by fishermen from England.

Investigators did not find a single body of a crew member. Where could people have gone? The mystery of the death of the submarine “Dakar” is one of the unsolved to the end to this day.

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Independent researchers found entries in an archival UK report. It said that the fishing trawler of England recorded a 22-meter round luminous object in the area of ​​​​the future Dakar submarine disaster.

Object then floated to the surface, then went to the depths and became distinguishable only on radar. Based on this, the version about the impact of underwater UFO radiation on the equipment of the submarine and the subsequent shutdown of the equipment may well turn out to be true.

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