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Study: Some asteroids that landed on Earth could be ‘old alien spaceships’

For the past few decades, scientists have been keeping a close eye on asteroids. According to the authors of separate studies, some minerals found in these cosmic bodies can prove the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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Scientists came to this conclusion back in the 60s of the last century, when the minerals heideite and brezinaite were created in the laboratory. They, according to scientists, could become excellent conductors of electricity.

However, despite the fact that, according to the assurances of scientists, the created materials were completely artificial, after some time they began to be found in fragments of asteroids. How they were able to form outside the lab remained a mystery to scientists.

Needless to say, this state of affairs has led scientists into confusion. However, there were those who suggested that the new discovery could indicate the existence of an advanced civilization far in space, which actively used unique materials for its travels.

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And years later, these materials reached our planets already in the form of lifeless asteroids.

Now, six decades later, a Venezuelan researcher is trying to connect the dots between the minerals those scientists made in labs and the same minerals that came crashing to Earth from space.

Maybe, just maybe, those superconducting minerals that came from space are also artificial, B.P. Embaid, a physicist at Central University of Venezuela, hypothesized in a study — not yet peer-reviewed—that appeared online on Sept. 13.

And if that’s the case, the minerals could be evidence of extraterrestrial technology—“technosignatures,” as scientists like to say. “It is important to be open-minded and even provocative to consider the following question: are these meteoritic minerals samples of extraterrestrial technosignatures?” Embaid wrote.

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Scientists largely agree that we should be looking more widely, with more open minds, for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Embaid thinks brezinaite and heideite are so odd—with their unique formulations and layering—that there’s a good chance they’re always manufactured. A good chance, that is, that all the brezinaite and heideite in the galaxy come from labs—whether our labs or the labs of some alien civilization.

“The genesis of these meteoritic minerals could require [a] controlled and sophisticated process not easily found in nature,” Embaid wrote.

If it’s the case that brezinaite and heideite are exclusively synthetic, the implication is clear. Any meteorite we find that contains brezinaite or heideite isn’t some natural space rock. It’s a fragment of alien technology—specifically, “derelict technology,” according to Embaid. Remains of long-defunct spacecraft or probes.

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