Ouija board students

Students suffer ‘hysteria’ after playing with Ouija board at Peru boarding school

Ouija board studentsA group of 30 students reportedly suffered ‘hysteria’ after playing with a Ouija board at a boarding college in Peru in a shocking incident.

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The daughter of a teacher brought a guide of black magic and the Ouija board towards the college in San Jode de Saramuro in the Loretoregion, according to local media reports.

According to reports, she presumably encouraged students to use the Ouija board.

Disturbing footage purportedly shows one of students convulsing and screaming as others try to restrain her, according to local news.

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‘It’s all your fault!’ the girl is heard screaming in the clip.

Apart from the girl, around 27 other individuals were also affected in a similar manner.

Teacher who arrived towards the classroom after hearing the noises that are strange, saw pupils lying on the ground, confused and experiencing spasms.

Panicked parents are said to to have taken kids to churches and the school suspended classes for a week.

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