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Stuck at Home? Take a Virtual Tour of The Haunted Winchester Mystery House

The famous Winchester Mystery House of San Jose provides a free virtual tour during closing due to coronavirus.

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The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion, that was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearm magnate William Wirt Winchester. Mansion is renowned for its size, its architectural curiosities, and its lack of any master building plan.

The elusive mansion has 161 rooms, 40 staircases (some of which leading to nowhere), 10,000 windows and 2,000 doors. Since its construction in 1884, the property and mansion were claimed by many to be haunted by the ghosts of those killed with Winchester rifles.

The house contains numerous oddities such as doors and stairs that go nowhere, windows overlooking other rooms and stairs with odd-sized risers.

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The tour, available free at, will remain available until the house reopens.

“For nearly 100 years, passionate caretakers and skilled craftsmen have looked after Sarah’s mansion and offered informative tours in order to share her amazing story. We depend on our guests to help us continue her legacy and keep the history and intrigue of the house alive,” Winchester Mystery House General Manager Walter Magnuson said in a statement.

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