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Strange tornado spotted in the mountains of China

A video (see below) depicting an unusual tornado-like phenomenon has surfaced on Chinese social media platforms. However, what sets this apart is the context—it was filmed amidst snowy mountains and at a notably high altitude, where yaks roam freely.

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Reportedly captured on May 7, 2024, somewhere in Qinghai province, which shares its border with Tibet to the west and is nestled within the Kunlun mountain range, the footage showcases a remarkable meteorological event.

Given the region’s frigid winters and cool summers, devoid of warm, humid air masses typical for tornado formation, coupled with its rugged, snow-covered terrain, the emergence of a tornado, particularly one of considerable height and girth, is an anomaly.

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With only one video available, skepticism abounds regarding its authenticity, prompting inquiries into whether it may have been digitally altered or fabricated using advanced technologies like neural networks or video editing software.

Adding to the intrigue, the tornado depicted in the video appears motionless, defying conventional behavior.

Speculation arises as to whether it is indeed immense and situated at a considerable distance, rendering its movement imperceptible within the short video clip, or if it conceals a more enigmatic nature beyond mere tornado classification.

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