Strange “portal” opened in the sky over the UAE

PortalThe following video was taken on March 17 this year in the city of Al Ain in the east of the United Arab Emirates. A local resident Ibrahim al-Jarwan was driving by car when he suddenly noticed a huge round object in the sky, resembling a kind of portal or “flying saucer”.

The surprised eyewitness hurried to get a smartphone and capture the anomaly on the gadget’s camera. According to the man, he had never seen anything like it before.

When man uploaded the video to the Twitter social network, the mysterious footage quickly became “viral”. Some users believe that a portal to another dimension has opened up in the sky, for others, it was still aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

If you believe the ufologists, the UFO tried to use camouflage, but the disguise of the ship for an unknown reason, apparently, failed.

Skeptics and meteorologists, believe that this is just a hole in the clouds formed by an ordinary plane.

But Ibrahim al-Jarvan for some reason did not notice any aircraft.


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