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Strange notes with conspiracy theories appear in food packages

It started at the end of December 2023, when a resident of the American state of Pennsylvania, Joe Miller, bought a box of his favorite cereal in the store, as usual, but when he poured it into a bowl, a small note with a very strange text fell out along with the cereal.

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In the note, which resembled some kind of code or cipher, one could recognize individual words like Disney, Oprah, black sun, Musk, Nazis, mafia, Hamas, labyrinth, etc., which is similar to the themes of many conspiracy theories, but some lines seemed to didn’t make any sense.

But what scared Miller most was that the box of cereal was completely sealed, that is, the note could not have been inserted in the store and this, apparently, was done somewhere at an earlier stage of production.

Miller immediately complained to the police, the local FBI office, and also to journalists about the strange note with “conspiracy theories,” but they initially did not publish the contents of the note so as “not to sow panic.”

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However, soon more and more people like Miller appeared.

They found notes with the same “conspiracy” content in various food and non-food products in various cities throughout the state of Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions.

According to journalists, about a hundred people wrote to them and said that they had found similar notes in chocolate, cosmetics and other products in at least six different retail store chains.

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The same notes were found in some parks, attached to the bark of trees.

“Who would take the time to take some wire, wrap it around a tree and attach this note to a paperclip. It’s just scary,” says one woman. “There’s some kind of code inside, it’s part of the puzzle,” says local computer expert Spencer Rappaport.

“The insertion [of the notes] occurred somewhere between the point of manufacture and the point of sale, so they were able to penetrate the manufacturer’s box without compromising its integrity,” says the local police chief.

Because of these notes, mass hysteria had almost begun in local social networks and the authorities and the FBI were seriously concerned about this phenomenon. But so far there have been no reports indicating that they are close to a solution.

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