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Strange lights

Strange lights spotted over the coast of North Carolina

Strange lightsA fisherman from the Outer Banks recently captured videos and photos of some mysterious lights flying above the sea. The unnamed man who fished at Cape Lookout on 13 November after dark, grabbed his camera and began to film after a bright orange light popped up in the sky.

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“I rebuilt my hooks around 9 p.m., threw them out into the surf and went back to my chair,” he wrote. “I saw a light in the sky when I turned back to the ocean. ”

“A very bright, stationary and silent light. It faded into and out during the next hour, and sometimes became multiple lights.” The footage produced a heated debate on social media with Internet users who speculated whether the sighting could be attributed to a vessel flaring in the sky.

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“These lights do not appear like flares, ” Paul McNaney, a YouTube user, wrote. “Both of them consist of two connected lights, some sort of headlights. Flares don’t look like that . It also seems to me that they don’t lose altitude or move at all.”

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