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Strange death: Six cows found with tongues removed in Texas

In Texas over the past few weeks, there have been six mysterious cases of attacks on cows at once, as a result of which various pieces were carefully and precisely cut out of the bodies of animals.

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It all started with the fact that ranchers in Madison County discovered on their territory the mutilated remains of a 6-year-old Longhorn Cross cow.

It was not reported when the cow was discovered, but it is said that a “straight, clean cut with obvious precision” was made on it to skin around its mouth on one side.

The meat under the skin was intact, and the cow’s tongue was gone without shedding blood, the county sheriff’s office said.

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According to local authorities, no signs of a struggle, footprints or car tires were found at the site of the discovery of the corpse of a cow. It was especially added that even the grass around the carcass was untouched.

“Ranchers also reported that no scavengers, ground or bird, picked up the remains of the cow, leaving them untouched for several weeks,” the sheriff’s office says.

During the investigation, it turned out that five more cows were found in the nearby counties of Brazos and Robertson, killed in a similar strange way. In particular, four adult cows and one calf.

In each of these cases, it was reported that the bodies were found in different places in the pastures or in the herd.

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Although the exact cause of death of all these cows is still unknown, it is indicated that they were all found lying in the same position – on their side, with a large cut piece of flesh on the muzzle that exposed the jaw, and removed tongues.

Two cows additionally had their anus and genitals removed:

“Two of the five cows had a circular incision made, removing the anus and external genitalia. This circular incision was made with the same precision as the incisions marked around the jaws of each cow.”

The authorities noted that similar cases are being recorded throughout the country, but did not give any additional comments on this matter.

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