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Strange creature photographed in the Hudson River

Recently, a peculiar sight captured attention in the Hudson River, which meanders through the eastern region of New York State, USA: a large, snake-like creature spotted floating on the water’s surface was photographed.

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For years, reports of a similar entity have surfaced in the Hudson River, occasionally accompanied by photographic evidence. However, journalists and local officials have typically dismissed these sightings as mere snags or large fish.

In 2018, sonar technology detected a moving object measuring approximately 14 feet in length (4.2 meters) within the water column. Despite initial intrigue, this phenomenon was later attributed to a rare and elderly sturgeon.

Could this be proof of a monster living in the deepest section of the Hudson River?

Sturgeon, once plentiful in the Hudson a century ago, have since dwindled to near extinction, making encountering such a sizable specimen a stroke of remarkable fortune—or so it seemed. Perhaps it wasn’t a sturgeon after all.

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Dubbed “Kipsey,” this enigmatic snake-like creature is frequently sighted in the Hudson River Valley, particularly near the city of Poughkeepsie.

The most recent sighting of the alleged Kipsey occurred one early morning in March, when Jo-Ann Martin captured a photo and promptly shared it on her social media page, encouraging speculation and theories from fellow observers.

While some speculated that Martin had merely captured a piece of driftwood resembling a serpentine form, others humorously suggested a transatlantic visit from “Nessie,” the famous Loch Ness Monster.

However, a faction remained convinced that there exists something substantial and mysterious within the Hudson, defying simple explanations like that of a sturgeon.

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