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Strange Case Of Energy Draining: Was a Landlady a Psychic Vampyre?

According to theory, there are people who can drain others of energy. This can be done consciously by brainwashing which may include intimidation, demoralization and physical abuse, psychologically attempting to drain their energy or on a subconscious level.

Psychic Vampyres – Theory and Studies

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People can have uplifting energizing positive effects on others. Brain storming is an excellent example. People are planning an event and they come up with novel and exciting ideas.

Each is affected by the energy of the others which expands their creativity and energy. People can also have a negative effect when they complain and exploit others for their own desires and needs.

Psychic vampirism has been studied in parapsychological labs based on the theory that people have auras, fields of energy which can be photographed.

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Studies were done by the US Army Missile Research and Development Command and the Parapsychology Foundation, an extremely prestigious organization, using aura photography that validated this theory.

When the social interactions were positive, people had more energy and when they were negative, it adversely affected it.

Energy vampire

Landlady a Psychic Vampyre?

This English case was reported in 1974. The names of those involved were kept confidential, as is common in the field of parapsychology. The couple will be referred to as Ron and Ann Smith and the elderly landlady as Jan.

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The Smiths were offered a place to rent by Jan whom they did not know very well. Soon after the couple moved into their new home, Ann began to feel uneasy. The elderly landlady waited for her to arrive home from work and finds reasons to visit when her husband wasn’t there. Jan would stare at her intensely and the younger woman felt unpleasant energy emanating from her.

Ann’s health and energy deteriorated, but Jan was energetic. Ron suggested they move, but his wife refused and stayed at work longer to avoid the landlady. Once the women no longer met so frequently, Ann’s health improved and Jan’s declined.

Within a matter of weeks, Jan couldn’t get out of bed. The younger woman began to tend to her and the landlady’s health improved. Ann’s worsened and Ron insisted she see a doctor who said she was anemic and fatigued and should rest and eat a healthier diet. Ann began to get headaches and even more fatigued.

Clairvoyant Unmasks Psychic Vampyre

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Ron noticed two red marks on her neck, but they ignored them because they didn’t hurt and couldn’t be explained. Jan became renewed and decided to visit relatives in the country.

While she was gone, Ann’s health improved. She decided to see a psychic about the situation. The clairvoyant saw Jan was a psychic vampire who drained Ann of energy and emitted negative energy. She advised the couple to move, but they couldn’t afford it.

The landlady returned and Ann’s health worsened to the point where she had to be admitted to a hospital. The red marks returned and started to bleed.

A friend who was a Spiritualist told Ann she should wear a ring blessed by a priest and a crucifix. Her room was to be sprinkled with holy water.

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Once this was done, the young woman’s health improved. Jan became extremely angry and showed the girl abhorrence. As Ann strengthened, Jan weakened.

Soon, the couple was able to move and the young woman totally recovered.

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