Stanford Scientist Dr. Garry Nolan: 100 Percent Aliens Are Here

According to Dr. Garry Nolan, a Stanford professor who has researched unidentified aerial phenomena for the US government, extraterrestrial intelligence has not only visited earth but “it’s been here a long time and it’s still here”, reports

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Dr. Nolan made this stunning claim during a talk at the Salt iConnections conference in New York on May 18, 2023.

Dr. Nolan is a Professor of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine who has published more than 300 research articles and holds 40 US patents. He is one of the most accomplished scientists publicly studying the phenomenon, including by analysing the brains of people who say they’ve experienced a UFO encounter.

Dr. Nolan said he was 100% certain that aliens are on earth, and that he had proof that they are still among us. He said that people see them on an almost regular basis, and that they are the “Wow! signal” that astronomers have been looking for.

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Radio signal detected on August 15, 1977, by Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope – is a real extraterrestrial message and there is a “one hundred per cent” probability that it is not the only alien signal being sent to Earth.

He also claimed that whistleblowers who have worked on “reverse-engineering downed craft” had recently given classified testimony to Congress, creating a “hornet’s nest in Washington”. He said that the National Defense Authorization Act passed last year established an unidentified aerial phenomena office that collects and provides information to Congress.

“The creation of a whistleblower program specifically that allows people from within who, I’m going to say this, have been working on the reverse-engineering programs, reverse-engineering of objects, so that they can come in and break their oaths but specifically just to talk to Congress and give that information in classified settings.”

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He said that 12 US Senators have signed onto a document that requests the information, and that a whistleblower program has been created to allow people who have been working on the reverse-engineering programs to break their oaths and talk to Congress in classified settings.

And if you next question is, “Where are the alien pilots and crew?”, Dr. Nolan has an answer for you: “If you’re an advanced intelligence, you’re not going to put your life and limb at risk by coming here. Mostly what you’re seeing here are either drones or some sort of advanced AI or whatever it is.”

Then he dropped his final blockbuster. When asked how sure he was that there were government engineers who already possessed such materials, he said ”100 percent” and explained why.

“It’s there. I was working with a group about seven or eight years ago and I literally got within a few weeks of gaining access to one of the objects. And when the people who didn’t want us to gain access to it found out about it they pulled some bureaucratic administrative tricks and snatched it away.”

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Here is a possible rewrite of the text using the keywords:

Dr. Garry Nolan, a Stanford professor who was not involved in UFO and extraterrestrial research until he analyzed a mysterious skeleton (in 2021, he was asked to examine the “Atacama skeleton” found in Chile which many had long suspected to be the corpse of an extraterrestrial), claims that he is “100 percent” sure that alien intelligence is already on Earth.

He says he has seen evidence of unknown crafts that defy our current understanding of physics and technology, and that the government is hiding them from the public and trying to reverse-engineer them.

“(I have) personal experience (with) people who, frankly, I know have worked or are working on the reverse-engineering programs of downed craft.”

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He also says he has contact with insiders who have witnessed or been harmed by these crafts. Dr. Nolan revealed his findings at the SALT iConnections conference, a leadership forum that focuses on finance, technology and public policy, not UAPs and extraterrestrials.

This shows how difficult it is for UFO disclosure advocates to get their message across in mainstream venues. We hope that Dr. Nolan will have more opportunities to share more details about his extraordinary claims and the sources that back them up.

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