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Spooky Video Shows Security Guard Greeting Ghost at Hospital

A chilling video that has gone viral on social media claims to show a security guard talking to a ghost at a building in Houston, Texas.

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The footage, which was posted on TikTok last week, allegedly captures the moment when the guard realizes that he is not alone in the hallway and runs away in terror.

The video begins with a dispatcher watching the security camera feed of the guard standing in front of a door and seemingly having a conversation with someone. The dispatcher contacts the guard and asks him who he is talking to.

The guard replies that he is talking to a woman named Miss Abigail, who wants to see Mr. Griffin. The dispatcher then informs the guard that Miss Abigail died two years ago and that there is nobody in front of him.

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The guard looks shocked and scared as he points at the spot where he sees the woman and then backs away and flees the scene.

The video has sparked a lot of debate among viewers, who are divided over whether it is a genuine paranormal encounter or a staged hoax. Some people believe that the guard was genuinely spooked by a ghost and that his reaction was authentic.

Others think that the video is too convenient and scripted and that the guard and the dispatcher were either in on it or edited the footage later to make it look like a ghost sighting.

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According to the TikTok account that uploaded the video, the incident occurred at a building that used to be a hospital and that Mr. Griffin was a doctor who worked there.

However, no further details or evidence have been provided to verify these claims or to identify the location of the building. The video has also not been independently verified by any credible sources or experts.

The video is one of many examples of alleged ghost sightings captured by security cameras around the world. Some of these videos have been proven to be hoaxes or misinterpretations of natural phenomena, while others remain unexplained and mysterious.

Back in November 2022 we reported on the case of an Argentinian security guard who was filmed welcoming and speaking to a seemingly invisible entity in the lobby of a care center.

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