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Bed cleansing

Spiritually Cleansing Your Bed: A Neglected Chore

Bed cleansingSpiritually cleansing your home is a good habit to get into on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to occasionally use herbs, oils, salt, or the elements to break up and disperse any pockets of negativity, and unwanted energy that clings to the walls, the rugs and other objects in your house. One particular item that needs special consideration is your bed.

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The bed is a place that has the potential for a lot of energy to get trapped. The fibers, the cloth and cushioning are all essentially textures known particularly for grabbing and holding negative energy. This is something that requires specific care to disperse in some cases.

Another consideration largely depends on your lifestyle. Are you the type of person who:

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– Has nightmares
– Will go to bed with troubles on your mind every night
– Lays in bed mulling over problems
– Goes to bed angry when arguing with spouse
– Has gratifying, meaningless sexual encounters that you often regret
– Keeps a messy bed

If any of these factors apply to you, your bed is more than likely trapping a great deal of negativity. This can actually exacerbate insomnia, night time illnesses, restlessness, discomfort, waking up depressed or in a bad mood.


If you have never cleansed your bed before, you may wish to start with an all-out, full-blown cleansing. The first step is to strip the bed of everything—pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, spread, and even bed skirts. Off to the laundry with them.

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When you launder your bedding, if it’s machine washable, put ½ cup of distilled white vinegar into the final rinse water and add a few drops of sandalwood or cedar oil. If possible, hang them to dry instead of using a drier. Put them out in the sunlight and fresh air for the day.

Wash your pillows if you can as well. If your stuff is not washable, use a dry cleaner, then spray them with a spray mister bottle filled with water and a few drops of sandalwood or cedar oil.

Give your bed and the surrounding area a good cleaning. Go over your bed frame and headboard with a toothbrush and a spray bottle if you have to. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly, flip it and vacuum it again.

There are a few ways to try and go about the cleansing now. You can sprinkle your mattress with kosher or coarse sea salt on one side, leave it for about 6 hours, then brush off or vacuum the salt. Flip it and repeat for another 6 hours.

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If you prefer, stand your mattress against the wall. Fume the room with sage or sandalwood, but keep the incense far from the mattress. You don’t want to create a fire hazard. Just let the smoke as it fills the room seep in and do its job.

If you like, flip the mattress around so the other side faces the smoke half-way through the fuming. Make sure to open the windows as well, to create a cross breeze and an exit for negativity. Fuming should take about 30 to 60 minutes.


Once your mattress is cleansed you can put your fresh bedding and pillows back on it. To keep on top of it, place a tray of salt under the bed to absorb excess negativity radiating off you.

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You should also change your bedding at least once a week and replace it with clean bedding. In between, mist your mattress with your water bottle and a few drops of cleansing oil.

Flip the mattress and mist again—but don’t saturate it. Give it a little while to dry and then put on clean bedding. Replace the salt once per month, and vacuum the mattress once per month as well.

A dream catcher above your bed can help with nightmares, and a quarts, sodalite or lapis lazuli on the bedside can help bring peaceful nights.

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