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Spiritual Properties Of Wood: How Your Furniture May Affect You

Spiritual woodWe often focus on style, color and price when it comes to home decoration. We don’t always look at things like construction or used materials. But have you ever noticed a varnished Birchwood table’s beauty or the magnificent presence of a drawer maple chest?

You may have even felt more grounded and secure sitting at your oak dining table. It’s not your imagination. While the furniture itself may be pleasing to the eye, there is spiritual energy in the wood itself that can affect you.


Trees are living beings with great power and energy. Native Americans often referred to trees as the “Standing People.” Each varietal of tree has special gifts and lessons to share with humankind.

Even long after a tree has been cut down and processed to make furniture; it still retains some of its vibrational energy. The lessons of the trees live on among the wood furnishings in our homes. Listed below are some spiritual qualities for common types of wood.


Known as the “giving tree” the birch contains the essence of truth, rebirth and new beginnings. Landscapers love it for its beautiful foliage and you often see birch trees planted in groups of three. The birch tree also provides us with the gift of paper.


The ash tree and its wood help instill peace of mind and good health. It contains the qualities of reliability, faithfulness and loyalty. Craftsmen love this wood for its strength and versatility. It is often used for structural framing in furniture.


The beech tree and its wood represent creativity, leadership and friendship. A relatively inexpensive material, it is strong, durable and also used for structural components.


Mahogany is a strong wood often used in carving. Its spiritual properties include healing of the emotions and spirit. Having this wood in your home can help you grow spiritually and provide guidance.


The maple tree provides many gifts to us. Its hard and durable wood is so tough that it’s used for bowling alley floors! Maple bestows the spiritual lessons of change, communication, and even rebelliousness. Known as a traveler’s wood, maple will have you adapting, learning and growing in many ways.


When it comes to the cherry tree, many people think of either pretty cherry blossoms or the tale of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree.

Spiritually this tree and its wood symbolize the strength of will and desire. It will also help you overcome difficulties and deal compassionately with others. It relates to the heart.


The walnut tree and its wood help us with our mental gifts. Even the walnuts themselves resemble little brains! Intelligence, wisdom and inspiration all come under its realm. It has also been said that Black Walnut contains medicinal properties.


Most of us recognize the willow tree as the one that bends and sways but doesn’t break. It teaches us lessons of resilience, love and inspiration. Most commonly used for baskets, the energy of this wood is very comforting.


“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” goes the quote. This tree inspires us to be strong in body, mind and spirit. It is a sacred and revered tree representing endurance, power, protection and authority. No wonder this hardwood is so popular for furniture. Its energy truly stands the test of time.


Pine is a tree of peace. Also an evergreen it reminds us that peace can be everlasting in our hearts. The pinecones and their magical seeds also suggest renewal. Many spiritual teachers also see the pinecone as a representation of the pineal gland or third eye. Having this wood in your home is great for meditation and as sense of harmony.

So the next time you put your feet up on the walnut coffee table or open your cherry wood kitchen cabinets, think about the spiritual energy hidden inside the wood as well as the lessons from the trees. Give thanks to those “Standing People” who provide us with love and support.

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