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Spiritual love: how to attune to each other’s energy

Spiritual loveTrue love goes beyond the physical desire. True love goes beyond enjoying each other’s company—the mind aspect of love. True love comes full circle when it touches you both on a spiritual level and connects you to each other soul to soul.

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At the core of our being, we are all made up of energy. Attuning with one another’s energy keeps us on the same wavelength, so to speak. It’s like having two CBs and setting them on the same channel, pointing the antennas toward each other, so that they can receive and transmit more clearly.

Attuning with one another’s energy requires only a little bit of time every month or so, or whenever you might feel you need it—such as after an argument or during a personal crisis.


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You’ll need to be alone for this spiritual exercise. It’s a good time to shut off the phones and any distractions. Tell others in the house you’re not to be disturbed, and send young kids to a friend’s house or babysitter for a while. If you’re not alone in the house, lock the door.

Ideally, the room should be pleasant—somewhat clean, organized and decluttered. You may wish to play soft music or burn candles and turn off the overhead lights to create a relaxing atmosphere. Get into comfortable clothes, or get undressed if you like.


Sit before each other on the bed or floor with legs crossed, facing each other. Make sure you’re both comfortable. For now, each of you can rest your hands on your own thighs.

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Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in slowly, and exhale even more slowly. After a few breaths, begin meditating. Allow your breath to become natural—rhythmic—and focus on the steady in and out of it. Feel all the stress and tension melting away.

Now you are going to begin focusing on the two main chakras you will be addressing for this exercise. Chakras are the body’s major energy vortexes.

First focus on the crown chakra, or the chakra at the crown of your head. This is the chakra that reaches down into the deepest part of your being. Envision it as a swirling vortex, or as a blooming flower. In your mind’s eye see the white, pure light radiating from this chakra and beaming straight up.

Next, focus on the heart chakra. This is the chakra that rules over emotions and relationships. Envision it as a green vortex or flower blossoming in the center of your chest.

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Once you’ve both opened your chakras, take the following position: extend your right hands to each other’s heart chakra, and your left hand to each other’s crown chakra.

As you sit like this, sense each other’s being. Feel your energy flowing through your right hand and into your sweetie’s heart chakra, and feel your sweetie’s energy radiating into your left hand, down your arm and into your own heart chakra. Feel those energies intermingling, cycling in and throughout each other like two connected circuits.


Stay that way for as long as you both desire. If you want, take some time to cuddle or make love when you’re finished, or just stare into each other’s eyes and caress each other.

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Doing this regularly will help keep your spiritual energies aligned. This helps a couple understand each other better, communicate more effectively and breaks down the walls and barriers that our brains try to put up to protect ourselves. Making the time to regularly attune to each other will keep you both in synch, and if it’s true love, you’ll notice the effect is has on the relationship.

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