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Spiritual Lessons We Can Learn From Rain

“Rain rain go away, come again another day.” How often have you sung that when those droplets of water started falling from the sky? Sure, rain can wash out some of your best-laid plans, but this gift from the sky is so valuable to our planet—and to us. Here are some of the spiritual lessons that rain can teach.

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Many of us curse the rain when it ruins our plans. That long-awaited family picnic or vacation suddenly gets washed out, leaving you disappointed and frustrated. Now what? Well, obviously if you’ve been in this situation, you need to shift gears.

The rain teaches us that we need to be flexible and adapt to life’s changes. Of course, it’s not always easy, but it can be done. In some cases, you may even discover something new and better. Perhaps that rained out picnic turns into an enjoyable movie day, or that vacation is spent indoors, allowing for some deep conversations.

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When those clouds are full of moisture, they have to let it go. Some people view rain as tears from the heavens. What a great lesson for us! Sometimes we hold onto sadness for way too long and need a release. Just like the rain, our own personal tears are a healthy release.

By letting go, we can cleanse and heal ourselves. If the rain makes you sad, embrace that. Give yourself permission to cry—and to let go.


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Think about all that the rain does for nature. It waters the grass, trees and flowers, and it replenishes the rivers, lakes and oceans. Rain is nurturing to our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. The next time it rains, take some time to nurture yourself. Spend some quiet time indoors either meditating or relaxing.


Although a rainy day might seem depressing, it can teach us a lot about optimism. Sure, those drab and dreary gray skies can affect our moods, but it’s important to remember that the storm won’t last forever. What a great metaphor for life!

And just think about what happens once the storm is over. The sun makes its brilliant grand entrance and the skies often present us with a rainbow. Remember, the sun shines on us eventually!

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