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Spirit Is Multi-dimensional And Is Not Confined To One Realm of Existence

Abusive relationships, lost loved ones, sibling rivalry, relationship infidelity, kids who die young; these life experiences are all interpreted from a five sense human thought perspective yet in truth there is a greater meaning behind all of our life experiences and relationship dynamics.

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When we do not consider the Spiritual meaning behind our life experiences, we misinterpret them and experience suffering. Our physical body is a means by which we interact with the material world, It is not who we are.

Source of Suffering

Our misunderstanding of reality is the cause of our hardships. Just the mere belief that life is finite causes us to focus most of our life energy (attention) on survival.

When in truth, there is no end to life as Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives Many Masters has shown – we come back.

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Our limited belief systems and our over dependence on our human senses prevents us from keeping in touch with our deceased loved ones, when in truth we are fully equipped with the ability to maintain contact with them.

We are multi-dimensional beings – even while living in three-dimensional reality. Reincarnation is a core belief shared in most every religion, from Hindu to Christianity

Multi-Dimensional Awareness

Life is Spiritual, not physical. Spirituality is not about religion or believing in a god. It is about love and all things good. Every experience that we have is Spiritual, thus the meaning of every experience must be interpreted from a Spiritual perspective first if you want to correctly interpret the meaning.

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An ill relative who has lived on their own all of their life may need you to care for them for the remainder of their days. This may seem burdensome to you and your family because your days are already full taking care of your kids and working full days.

The emotion of burdensome may arise from your human mind but on a Soul level this situation came about to give you an opportunity to learn empathy, compassion, acceptance, selflessness and surrender. This event has happened at the exact point in time that it was supposed to happen.

Awakening to Higher Thought

You will not recognize the Spiritual meaning behind the experience as long as you are seeing life through your human eyes. If we are living from our essence – Spirit there would be no hesitancy in helping out your relative.

Selflessness, empathy and compassion are inherent in the nature of Spirit. The above experience is intended to shed light on your detachment from Spirit by highlighting your primary response of feeling burdensome.

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Interestingly enough, if you listen to your body when you experience this feeling you will sense resistance, however when you switch to selflessness and acceptance, it goes away.

Remember friends, there is a Spiritual meaning behind every situation and all of our life experiences. Use your Spiritual vision for the correct interpretation.

Sources: Dr. Brian Weiss , Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian L. Weiss; Dr. Ian Stevenson, Children Who Remember Previous Lives

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