Spanish Navy files disclose Underwater UFOs and ‘Thin, Swedish-Looking’ Beings

It’s [redacted]. pic.
The Spanish Air Force declassified about 180 UFO files a few years ago.

Inside them are several mundane sightings, until Youtube channel “It’s [redacted].” get to one, absolutely wild encounter in the Canary Islands in 1976.

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Three sailors witnessed a translucent, spherical craft rise up out of the island of Tenerife before departing in a cloud of blue smoke.

Three minutes later, 60 miles away on the island of Gran Canaria, 10 different citizens saw the same translucent craft described as “blue” with a “crystalline” structure — three of them, one of whom was in a different location as the other two, told military officials they saw two 10-foot tall beings inside, described as looking like “Swedish tourists” with diving gear on.

The military investigated the entire phenomenon and ruled it “unexplained.”

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