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Spaghetti-like creatures ‘rain from the sky’ in Indian city

On May 16, 2023, a strange phenomenon was filmed in an unnamed city in the Indian state of Bihar, in which a huge number of white worms (larvae) are lying on the pavement (watch video below).

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The video shows only an alley, but it is reported that local merchants were very frightened and began to close shops when worms began to fall from the sky and the roads were covered with a “creeping carpet”.

The worms came down like confetti in a scene of biblical proportions that looked like it could have been one of Exodus’ plagues of Egypt

What exactly was filmed is still unclear. If worms fell from the sky, then what kind of insects fly above them?

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It’s still unknown what caused the spaghetti-like creatures to rain down, or where the worms came from.

This isn’t the first time worm-like creatures have come raining down from the sky like a bizarre biblical plague.

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