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Space anomaly with oxygen on Mars baffled astronomers

The atmosphere of Mars regularly surprises researchers. Previously, jumps in methane concentration were recorded, and recently there was a similar anomaly with oxygen. What are the reasons for the following changes, experts cannot say for sure.

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An increase in oxygen concentration was noticed by the Curiosity rover in the area of Mount Sharp. The robot has a built-in laboratory for soil and gas analysis.

The atmosphere of the Red Planet is 95% carbon dioxide, oxygen in it is only 0.16%. Freezing carbon dioxide changes pressure, which in turn displaces other gases to establish a new balance. Once again, all gases behaved predictably, except oxygen.

Usually in spring and summer, the concentration reaches 30% and decreases by autumn. But this time there was no decrease.

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The amount of oxygen on Mars is increasing every year. Where it comes from is a mystery to everyone. Splitting water is excluded, since there is very little of it on the planet.

What is Mars hiding and when will we understand all its secrets?

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