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Ghost in school

South African school closed over alleged student possession

Ghost in schoolOn Tuesday, May 7, teachers and parents held an urgent meeting at the RA Padayachee Primary School in South Africa, after it was reported that students were allegedly possessed by evil spirits. The meeting was held to find a solution.

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About 30 pupils, mainly girls, have allegedly been seeing things. On Wednesday, May 8, a boy child was also affected.

Other students were affected and traumatized after seeing their peers screaming and running out of the classrooms, making scary sounds.

According to the parents, pupils were sent back home as early as 10am.

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The School Governing Body member, Mthokozisi Bafana DaSilva, confirmed the matter.

He said they were called to an urgent meeting at the school.

“The principal told us the incidents have been happening for days. It started with a few kids, but on Monday, 6 May, almost the whole class started screaming. The clerk and some teachers decided to close the door and pray. That’s when the children started jumping around, pushing desks, and running. After the incident, teachers sent pupils home,” said DaSilva.

He shared that his son, who goes to school,. As parents, they’re worried about the upcoming second-term exams. A similar incident allegedly occurred at a neighbouring school two months ago.

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One of the parents told Daily Sun they suspect Satanism.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this with our kids before the Satanistic church was established here. Now, kids see an image of a girl,” she said.

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