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Sources say the Las Vegas 911 alien call was not a hoax

A week after a bizarre 911 call made headlines around the world, sources close to the investigation say they do not think the Las Vegas family who reported seeing aliens in their backyard was lying. However, many mysteries still surround the incident, which has sparked interest and controversy among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

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The incident occurred on the night of April 30, when a bright meteor flashed across the sky around 11:50 p.m. The meteor was part of the Lyrid meteor shower, which peaked on April 22 and lasted until May 3. A police officer’s body camera captured the moment as he was driving with his partner.

The American Meteor Society received several reports of the meteor from people in eastern California, Nevada and Utah.

About 40 minutes later, a young man named Angel called 911, saying he and his family saw something fall from the sky and that there were two 10-foot-tall creatures moving in their yard. He said they looked like “the aliens from ‘Signs'” and that they were scared for their lives.

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Two officers arrived at the house 38 minutes later and checked the backyard for any signs of intrusion. They also noticed a circular patch of soil that the family claimed was made by an unknown object landing there.

The officers interviewed the family and tried to calm them down. They also asked them if they had seen anything land in their backyard, since one of their colleagues had also seen the meteor.

The family also said they had been stalked by “Men In Black”-type agents who drove suspicious vehicles near their home. They said they had seen them before and after the incident.

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A retired police officer confirmed to News Nation that he had been watching the house for days to see if anything happened. He said he was curious if there was any truth to the family’s story and that he did not work for any government agency.

The family also said that Metro police installed a surveillance device on their home, which a police spokesperson said was done for their safety. The spokesperson said the device was temporary and that it was removed after a few days. The spokesperson did not comment on why the device was installed or what it recorded.

A Ring camera video that was initially thought to be related to the incident turned out to be recorded in mid-April, according to the man who posted it online. He said he heard a loud noise outside his house and checked his camera footage. He said he did not see anything unusual and that it was just a coincidence that it sounded like something crashing.

The family’s story has attracted worldwide attention and sparked speculation about extraterrestrial visitors. Some UFO researchers have praised the family for coming forward and sharing their experience, while others have questioned their credibility and motives.

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The appearance of the meteor (or other mysterious object) seems to have triggered the events that followed, but what exactly did the family see that night remains a mystery.

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