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Soulmate Signals – Is This the One?

SoulmateFinding and attracting your soulmate is often a topic of discussion, but what happens if you think you’ve found “the one?” Some people seem to know automatically, while others are unsure. Is it really your soulmate or just a good runner-up? How can you tell? Are there any signs or signals that indicate a person is your true soulmate?

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Attraction Signals

A good indication that you’ve met a soulmate is attraction. Were you two attracted to each other almost immediately? Love at first sight can be an indicator but it isn’t a requirement. There will be some form of instant connection however.

You will most likely feel like you have known this person before. Something may seem incredibly familiar about this person, but you can’t put your finger on it. Although you may have just met, there is some form of bond between you two that seems to transcend time and space.

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The physical attraction may also be strong, but beware of confusing lust and love. One aspect of a soulmate signal is still feeling the attraction even when you’re separated. The physical connection goes beyond physical lovemaking.

It’s almost as if you are making love on a spiritual level when you are physically apart as well as when you’re sharing a bed. There is also a connection without possessiveness.

Story Signals

Another clue to a soulmate is your individual life stories. You will both have things in common from your individual journeys. It will be more than things like tastes in music and movies, although that’s common too.

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There will be values and deep spiritual events, realizations or challenges that you have in common. You may both have had difficult childhoods or you both share a deep profound love of nature for example. Whatever it is, you see yourself in that other person’s eyes and in their own unique journey.

The story signal goes even further. On some level each of you knows that you have a destiny and a life purpose not only as individuals but also as a couple. You both know on some level that you were brought together for a reason.

The details may not be set, but you feel that you came together to do something. You have a mission to fulfill together. You both want and need to create a story together.

Other Signals

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There are many other signs that the person you’re with could be your soulmate. Perhaps the biggest and most important signal of all is your own intuition.

Your own gut feelings may say that this person is the one. You might feel an electric charge in your body or a wave of warmth around your heart. You might even feel like something big is going to happen. Listen to your own body for clues.

If you’re still unsure, don’t fear that this person is the wrong one. Many times people have some unresolved fears around meeting their soulmates. Although we hope for it on some level we may feel scared or unworthy.

When this happens take some time out for yourself. You might consider meditating or praying on the situation. You might even want to consult with a psychic. There could be past life issues between you and your soulmate that are holding you back. Take the time to get in touch with yourself and your feelings without judgment or expectations.

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What Next?

If the majority of the signals point to yes that’s wonderful! You and your partner will embark on a new chapter in your lives. Many people believe that once you’ve found your soulmate that means a lifetime of eternal bliss.

Although that would be nice it wouldn’t help us grow and evolve as beings. Being with your soulmate will have many blissful moments, but many challenging ones too.

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Soulmates come together to work on soul contracts and learning opportunities. That can be fun, but it can also be hard work. It is a special and sacred journey that two souls travel together. Your true soulmate is your willing partner and guide.

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