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Kitchen and spirituality

Soul Kitchen: Spirituality and Food

Kitchen and spiritualityFood has long been a part of faith and spirituality. From fasting during religious holy days to sharing a communal meal, food defines both our beliefs and us. The foods you choose, their preparation and how you eat are all elements that contribute towards your spiritual growth.

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Spirituality, Food and Religion

Once Eve took a bite of that first apple and offered it to Adam, so began our relationship with food. In this case, eating was a defiant act against God. No wonder we sometimes feel guilty when eating for pleasure!

Thankfully not all food stories are so guilt ridden and glum. Just think of the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the New Testament. Jesus was able to multiply a few fish and loaves of bread into a meal for thousands—and have leftovers! If only we could perform such wonders in our own kitchens.

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Aside from biblical stories, followers of practically every faith and spiritual practice engage in some form of food related practice. Fasting or abstaining from certain foods is observed among Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims alike. For example in the Islamic faith, fasting occurs from dawn to sunset during the month of Ramadan and dates are traditionally eaten to break the fast. Religious and spiritual celebrations also include feasting and preparing traditional foods. What would Christmas and Hanukkah be without their time-honored recipes and treats?

You Are What You Eat

That old saying, “you are what you eat,” couldn’t be more appropriate when talking about food and spirituality. After all, your body is a temple. What you put in it should be of the highest quality and spiritual vibration. Food is matter and matter is made up of vibrational energy. This energy is life force and by taking it into our bodies, we gain vitality and raise our vibrations.

Suffice it is to say that there are certain foods with higher frequencies that others. So if you’re looking to be on a spiritual diet, take note of the foods in your kitchen. Junk foods, processed and chemically laden foods won’t do much for your vibrational levels. The act of digesting these foods alone can rob you of vital life force.

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Instead opt for whole, fresh and preferably organic foods. Whether you go vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice. But if you do consume meat and dairy, be mindful of how the animals are treated.

Remember you will be ingesting the remnants of their vibratory essence. Be sure your meat, seafood, poultry and dairy come from humanely raised sources. Also be sure to give thanks to these plants and creatures for helping to sustain your life.

Finally, consider adding more raw foods to your diet. What are raw foods? They are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are basically uncooked or have not been heated over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking and overcooking food can break down life-giving enzymes that nourish body, mind and soul.

Make Your Kitchen a Soul Kitchen

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So how can you turn your kitchen into a soul kitchen? Start by stocking it with healthy foods. And don’t just hide them all away in a cupboard, bring them out into the open and display them. Fill a bowl full of brightly colored oranges and set them on your table.

Place seeds and nuts in crystal bowls on your coffee table or store them in clear glass canisters on your counter. Appreciate the beauty of these foods while keeping them within easy reach.

The spirituality of food also means sharing and gratitude. Give thanks for your meals and the sustenance they bring to your body and soul. Make mealtime a spiritual activity. Try saying grace or blessing your meals. Encourage your family to share in this practice. Eat with an attitude of gratitude!

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As you walk your spiritual path, don’t forget the importance of food. Create that soul kitchen to feed your body, mind and spirit. Cook up those good vibrations!

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