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Soul Contracts: Before We Are Born, We Plan Our Life

BabyDo you believe that you came to Earth to fulfill a mission? Were you destined to meet certain people and learn certain things? If you believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, it would seem like there would be a plan or blueprint for us when we arrive on this planet. The concept of soul contracts serve as guides for lessons we want to learn.

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Soul Contracts as Lesson Plans

Soul contracts are essentially lesson plans or agreements we make before we incarnate. As spiritual beings we want to learn and grow by choosing different experiences. As we learn from these experiences we evolve as beings and attempt to reconnect with our own divinity, growing closer to Spirit, the Universe or the Supreme Being.

While you are in-between lifetimes you think about things you would like to learn in order to facilitate your soul’s growth. With the help of guides you may review previous lifetimes to see what worked and what didn’t.

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Perhaps you want or need to learn more about humility, faith, speaking your truth or just sharing with others. You may focus on one theme or several. Whatever it is, you design a blueprint of sorts for your lesson plans.

In addition to the plans you also need the help of other souls. You may choose to form agreements with individuals or groups of souls so you can play out each other’s lessons. It’s almost like putting together a play where all the characters work on their parts and play them out in order to evolve.

How Do The Contracts Work

The ironic part about soul contracts is that we forget all about them once we’re born. The density of a physical body can make it difficult to remember what the soul or spirit set up. This is one of the greatest challenges about being human.

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But it also brings the greatest rewards. It’s like taking the toughest class ever, only to feel extremely proud and wise once your done! This is all on purpose for your ultimate spiritual growth.

The contracts work on a spiritual and subconscious level, but they help guide your life. They can help set up the earthly circumstances, life situations and people you encounter so that you can learn. If one of your goals was to learn about partnership, you and another soul may have agreed to work on this as a married couple in your present life.

Although soul contracts are generally pre-arranged they are not necessarily written in stone. You and the other parties still have free will. Perhaps you and your marriage partner have learned all you can for now and decide to end the marriage.

Or maybe a different partner approached you to work on this soul contract. Or you may choose to stop working on this and try it again in the next lifetime or opportunity. There is still some flexibility as to how everything plays out.

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Why Would I Choose That?

This bring us to the question of why would someone choose a negative experience like a difficult childhood or an abusive relationship?

Sometimes you learn the most from the toughest teacher. You may have been up to the challenge as a soul creating a blueprint, but once you get into the physical manifestation it becomes extremely difficult.

It’s like signing up for a class but not realizing how tough it is until you really get into it. On some level though, your soul and your guides knew you could handle it. Again your free will can come into play and you might decide to quit and repeat the lesson again at another time.

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Soul contracts can be very complex and challenging while working on them as an earthly being. As a spirit you intended to set up the best lessons possible for your time in the physical. Embrace the challenging journey you created for yourself!

Laura Hamilton

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