Some dolphins have a “Welsh” accent, new research shows

Experts from the BBC program Wonders of the Celtic Deep have found that dolphins that live off the coast of Wales speak faster than their counterparts around the world. The people of that region were very happy that even dolphins have the famous “Welsh” accent.

Dolphins’ speech is complex. It includes: sounds, syllables, words, phrases, paragraphs, contexts. Dolphins also have their own unique dialects.

The whistle emitted by dolphins has a special, unique regional specificity. Experts have been observing this area for a long time. It was possible to discover this feature in dolphins thanks to the study of about 240 bottlenose dolphins.

Scientists said that bottlenose dolphins are an extremely sociable species. They communicate with each other almost all the time.

In addition, each individual has an individual whistle, and individuals of Cardigan Bay have their own unique dialect.

Scientists also managed to find out that the whistle of individuals living in Cardigan Bay differs greatly in their sounds compared to other individuals in Great Britain and the world.

Scientists obtained this information back in 2007 thanks to the analysis of recordings of sounds of about 120 dolphins.

Welsh dolphins are considered the main attraction in the area. Every year about 25,000 tourists visit the area to observe dolphin life.

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